Health and Fitness Coaching

Are you wishing you could feel better, look better, and stay on top of your to-do list, but the chaos of day to day life always seems to get the better of you?

Introducing Supercharge your Fitness!

A fitness and overall wellness program designed to shift your existing habits to begin serving you and your goals! Improve your health, body composition, and productivity at work and at home, without spending hours every day at the gym, endlessly plugging foods into an app, or spending far too much money on supplements. Instead, train your brain to make the choices you want without even thinking — no willpower required!

Why Me? 
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It wasn’t that long ago that I was completely overwhelmed by the day in and day out reality of having 3 young, high energy kids. It wasn’t until my youngest son was nearly 3 years old that I really started making a noticeable (and permanent) dent in the baby weight I’d been carrying for years. Although it was insanely embarrassing to work at a fitness professional while still being overweight myself, for some reason I just couldn’t manage to stick with the habits I knew made me feel good and changed my body in positive ways. It was confusing to me because these things were easy before I got married and had children — what changed?

It wasn’t until I realized that pregnancy and adjusting to life as a new mom had caused me to change my habits, that I was able to start making progress towards my goals again. Learning to make my habits work for me has been a complete game changer for me in all aspects of my life: fitness, my relationship with my children, work, school, and even mundane tasks like laundry. I’m not waking up earlier or staying up later, and I’m not living in the gym, on fitness apps, or in the laundry room either!

I have also made it a point to obtain the proper education to use my experience to help others. I have been trained by NASM and AFAA, and hold specializations in Fitness Nutrition, Performance Enhancement, Corrective Exercise, and MMA Conditioning. In addition, I am a Crossfit Level 1 and Crossfit Striking coach. I have been coaching clients individually and in groups for over a decade, and am excited to bring that experience to you!

Tell me if this sounds like you:

You’re always starting (or restarting) a new diet or exercise routine — and you love it! But you still can’t seem to stick to it.

After a few days or weeks, pizza and Netflix always replace protein and deadlifts.

You’ll start to get caught up at work or at home, but can’t seem to maintain your progress.

You know what it is you need to do to reach your goals (or at least have a basic idea), but you haven’t been successful implementing those strategies in the long term.

You make some progress towards your goals, but always stall or backslide because you can’t maintain a consistent effort.

 Why not take control of your life today?

This program gives you the daily workouts you need for your physical health, and weekly tips to shift your habits to guarantee your success. The best part about hacking your habits is that you’ll be able to adjust any negative habit you develop in the future!

The daily workouts will be provided through the free app SugarWOD, which can be accessed from your phone or computer. This allows for community support in addition to the direct support from me. As a bonus, each week I will also include a video training about nutrition strategies, goal setting for success, and hacking your habits. I am also available weekly via email for advice on how to make those strategies work for you and fit into your lifestyle.

Picture yourself 3-4 months from now…

You know where you’re going and how to get there.

You’re easily able to make consistent progress towards your goals.

You’ve become consistent in your fitness routines.

You have the energy to get work done and still plenty left over to play with your children.

You’re enjoying making healthy food choices, and doing so is no longer a struggle.

All the heaviness and difficulty of forcing yourself to make “good choices” is gone.

You don’t need willpower to avoid choices that will lead you away from your goals. Instead, you’re avoiding these pitfalls unconsciously and easily.