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If you didn’t happen to see it on Instagram or Facebook, I passed my exam to be a certified personal trainer through NASM!

I’m still studying like crazy though, because I have 3 specialties I’m working on and I’m trying to get done with all of them before Christmas. The boys are currently in one of their funks where they don’t seem to ever sleep, so there’s been a lot of really late night studying. 😛


The kids are seriously loving having a slide in the backyard!


Although I had to move them for now to get grass planted, I’ve already gotten a taste of how much of a lifesaver this is going to be and I’m super excited about it!


Micah is becoming quite the artist — this is a picture he drew of our family at church. Ironically, he gave himself  red hair (he has brown hair), but the hubby, who’s actually a redhead, didn’t get any red hair. I’m not really sure why I find that as cute as I do, but it really cracked me up.


We’re doing a lot of reorganizing, moving furniture, and basically doing a pre-holiday makeover for the whole house. Even though there’s no actual remodeling, the dogs are hugely stressed about us changing the positioning of couches and desks (why? lol) so anytime I sit or lay down I have immediate company.


My parents gave Micah a guitar for his birthday, and lately he’s just been carrying it around giving impromptu concerts and I LOVE it! Notice a lot of the words are from Trolls, even if the melody usually isn’t 😛

I say this all the time, but Jonah loves dogs sooo much more than they love him back lol. He tries so hard to be gentle but he’s just not…


Kinsey turned 8 this month, and we celebrated with a trampoline party at her Mom’s house! The boys loved to see her “other” house, and it was nice to relax and watch them all play together.

My hubby found a kids quad and fixed it up for her, and my parents sent her some new gear for it. This girl is on cloud 9!


We did have a bit of an unfortunate accident. One of the challenges with the current age gap we have is that Kinsey likes crafts, but Jonah can’t be trusted with scissors. We have a system to keep everything out of his reach, but mistakes get made and Jonah cut Micah’s finger.


A little NuSkin, a lot of crying, and a bit of ice cream later, Micah was smiling again. (For the record we were parked at Sonic, that’s why no seat belt.)


It looks pretty gross but it’s actually healing really well. I think the NuSkin actually traumatized him more than anything else because it burned a little, but he’s been enjoying the Avengers band-aids I bought him. 🙂


Things have been a little crazy, but it’s mostly life as usual! I’m trying to get back to a more regular schedule here, so after my not-so-brief hiatus you’ll see me around much more often.

What is your favorite part of heading into the holiday season?

Pumpkin everything, yes or no? I’m not a huge fan of pumpkin, can’t understand at all why it’s such a big thing!