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We finally had a day in the low 80s, so the entire morning was cool enough to hang out at the park! We haven’t been able to do this in months, and the boys were so excited about it!


Jonah was more daring than he used to be, and made it all the way up the wall without me standing next to him! He really wants to be like his brother, and it’s so cute to watch him push himself to be a big boy like Micah. ♥


He also has no fear, which I’m assuming will keep me very busy over the next few years. I broke my arm when I was 6 or 7 because I fell off a pool ladder, and I’m trying to avoid his lack of fear leading to something similar.


Micah has gotten really grown up since the last time we were at the park. He chased Jonah anytime he ran away and made sure he didn’t go in the road at all. I was right there, but the fact that he took the initiative to protect his brother makes me so happy!


It’s funny how when Jonah was younger he hated the feeling of grass on his feet. Now I can’t keep shoes on him at all!


We went home so I could get a little work done, and Jonah wound up passing out and sleeping half the afternoon. Of course that meant he was up half the night, but once that boy is asleep there is seriously nothing that will wake him up! I’m going to let him sleep until about 8:30 am and hopefully get him back to the park so he takes a nap at a normal time and can get to sleep normally.

This week is going to be super crazy so I’m trying to be proactive about getting everything done early. Wednesday night is CPR….

cpr conf

And Thursday afternoon is my NASM test!!


I’m still suuuuuper nervous, but also excited for a new adventure! Once I’ve passed, I’ll be able to focus on my Fitness Nutrition Specialization and Group Fitness Certification, and hopefully can finish those both up in the next month or two.

original before and after

I mentioned earlier that I’ve hit a bit of a plateau. My diet has been about 80% on target, but that’s only enough for maintenance and not progress. I did really well making it to this point, but I really need to recommit to being 100% on my diet and never missing a workout. I rarely miss a workout, but my diet really does need to be reined back in. This is my before and after picture from the beginning of the year until the end of July, doing a combination of Crossfit and working out at home, and eating a mostly Paleo low carb/high fat diet that doesn’t cross into being keto.

Before -- 170 lbs

On Monday I took a new set of before pictures and started a new workout program. I have daily workouts at home, plus Crossfit a few times a week (usually 4-5 depending on how my body feels). That sounds like a lot, but I’m very aware of the signs of over-training and will scale back if I start to show signs that I need a break.

I’ve also decided to partner up with a friend of mine to host a fitness challenge starting next Monday. Especially with my certification test coming this week, I feel like a challenge would give me a chance to really help people who are struggling while also helping to hold myself accountable. There’s nothing like a huge audience to keep you honest about your eating and exercise habits! You don’t have to do Crossfit to join, we’ll be focusing on establishing consistent, healthy habits with workouts you can do at home, nutrition support, and we’re going to pick a book to read together during the challenge. If you want to join us just comment below or shoot me an email!

How do you change up your habits when you hit a plateau?

Do you prefer to workout at home or in a gym setting?

Now that it’s cooling off, what’s your favorite healthy fall recipe that you’re excited to start making again? I need some good ideas!