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I had the worst stomach flu over the weekend so I didn’t get my typical workouts in, but I’m feeling way better now so this week will be way better.

Workout Roundup (5)

I’ve been really stressed with my NASM CPT test coming up in a week, so simplicity and leftovers have been saving my life this week.


Tuna is what I had for lunch nearly every day, and wrapped in sushi nori is still my favorite! I’m almost out, I need to buy more because this is my favorite way to make a gluten-free wrap.


We had a bunch of frozen burgers leftover from our vacation, so burger salads have been another way I’ve kept meals easy this week. I just throw a bunch on the stove and mine goes on a salad, and the kids get cheese and buns lol.


I tried to change it up a bit after the third day of the same thing and wound up with nearly an entire grilled onion on this salad 😛 It was amazing though!


Brats are on sale at Costco this month, so I made a huge batch and threw some in a salad for lunch today, and it was really good! I generally like them with mustard but I just couldn’t bring myself to try that on a salad, and some balsamic was just as good.

I’ve been trying to get the house put back together and get everyone back on normal schedules since being back from vacation but it’s been a little challenging. I’m finally starting to get back in the groove, and it feels really good!

Do you have trouble getting back to “real life” after a vacation?

What are your favorite strategies for avoiding the post-vacation “hangover”?