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Linking up with Meghan and Faith!IMG_7872

I’ve been taking a much-needed hiatus from writing to focus on my family and my NASM classes, but it’s definitely time to come back. I’ll be finishing up my NASM classes this month so I’ll probably keep it to just 2 or 3 posts a week for a while and then get back to normal in October.

At the end of August we were lucky enough to spend a week in the mountains with some cousins, which also put us close enough to visit my in-laws a few times.



Our cabin was surrounded by trees, and it was so nice to feel chilly in the evenings! I actually wore a sweatshirt at night, which made it easy to forget how ridiculously hot it would still be when we got home.


The backyard was completely a game changer for me. Our backyard at home is just dirt, weeds, and dog poop — I try to keep it cleaned up but its 105° most days so I’ve gotten lazy. Having swings and a slide in the backyard was AMAZING! The boys burned so much energy and I was actually able to cook or wash dishes without having to stop them from destroying anything or hurting themselves. The backyard is going to become a priority for me now, even if I have to get outside at 5 am to make it happen!


Even though it was vacation I managed to keep my diet (mostly) in check, and this was my go-to for either breakfast or lunch depending on how rushed we were. Because I don’t eat grains breakfast can be a huge pain when we’re rushed, and tuna is so much faster than eggs!


I also managed to workout nearly every day we were there, which felt great. I slept in a lot more than I meant to so I had to entertain the kids sometimes, but it still worked! All of the bedrooms had a TV, so cartoons and snacks were my lifesavers.


I just love the way these clouds looked so I had to share. We drove into Snowflake for a family reunion and by the time we left it looked like it was going to pour. Since we were in the middle of nowhere and had to cross 3 washes just to get to this place, we decided to leave before it got too bad. Some of the family decided to camp there, but especially with all the kids that wasn’t going to happen for us.


After we got back I had to hit up my Crossfit gym ASAP, and I got that relaxing vacation vibe kicked right out of me! The worst part was the heat — I’m not super with running yet as it is, but to run in 100° heat after a week of getting used to cool mountain weather was completely awful. I can’t wait for winter!


One more random picture because it makes me smile — Micah with my Strike gloves. He decided to pose for me and then insisted on sleeping with them on his hands. 😛 My kids are so stinking cute!

What have you been up to this week?