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I hope everyone had a great Independence Day! I’m eternally grateful to those that have given their blood, sweat, tears, and lives for this country and the freedoms we all experience!


We started off the day with a workout, because Crossfit!! Lol we got to do another hero WOD (workout of the day), this one named after a Danish special forces officer killed in Afghanistan. I love the way Crossfit creates workouts to honor men and women who’ve died defending their country, makes me proud to be a Crossfit junky.


I barely made it in under the time cap of 40 minutes and I had to scale the pull-ups and run towards the end, but it was still an awesome experience.


It definitely kicked my butt, and I love that I started off the holiday on a healthy note. It really helped me to make better choices through the day.


After the gym the kids took a nap and I took a shower, and then we suited up for the pool with my in-laws. The kids started off in the splash pad so they could run off some of their crazy energy before getting in the pool.

Jonah usually isn’t a fan of splash pads, but he had to be dragged out of it when it was time to go. Not sure what clicked for him, but I hope he loves our next visit to the splash pad just as much!


There was a little drama at the pool initially (3 kids by myself and 2 of them can’t swim, so there was some craziness) but everything eventually settled down and all of the kids had a ton of fun.


After dinner Jonah stayed in the stroller so I stayed with him, and Kinsey and Micah got to play with their cousins some more.


They were trying to have chicken fights and Micah really wanted to get on Kinsey’s shoulders, but neither of them could really manage it.


Thankfully he was happy just being around her. Kins was away seeing her Mom’s family for a week and a half, so the boys wouldn’t let her out of their sight. It’s really hard on them when she’s away normally and this was twice as long as usual, so they were making up for lost time.


After the pool the kids really wanted to go see fireworks, but I really didn’t want to pay to get into the local display and then be stuck in the traffic to get out. That was always the worst part of fireworks when I was a kid, getting out of the parking lot always took FOREVER!


Instead we grabbed some towels, some chicken nuggets, and parked about a half mile away.


We could still see plenty, and even though I’m sure it was more impressive up close, I was able to get the kids packed up and be on the road in less than 5 minutes!


Thankfully, the boys fell asleep in the car, because our upstairs AC decided that cooling isn’t its job anymore. I was able to carry them in and get them settle downstairs for a little sleepover, and there was no struggle to get them to fall asleep in such an open space. Maybe it’s just my kids, but if there’s too much open space they just can’t wind down and fall asleep. It wasn’t as comfy as my bed, but the couch wasn’t bad and it was nice and cool downstairs!

The AC should be fixed tomorrow, so I should be able to start using my desktop again. I love that my computer is in the kids’ playroom so I can watch them while I write, but it’s VERY sweaty at my desk right now!

What was the best part of your Fourth?