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Linking up with Meghan today!

We actually got a ton accomplished this week, even though it’s been completely nuts!


We practiced our Italian gangster look, complete with pinstripe suit and water pistols! 😛


And because only lame people sit on couches, the boys decided to practice handstands and somersaults on them instead.


Who doesn’t love gymnastics in a suit??


We found a new way to keep the kids occupied when I have a lot to clean downstairs. The hubby suggested I replace Playdoh with cookie dough so I don’t have to worry about the boys eating it if I turn my head.


Luckily the cookie dough was a hit, because it took a LOT to clean the carpet today. A brand new bottle of Dawn dish soap foams A LOT no matter how much water you flush through it…


Jonah is actively potty training now, so I ate a lot of salads and tuna fish in the bathroom. When he can’t concentrate enough to pee in the toilet he asks to pee in the bathtub, but at least he’s not obsessed with it the way Micah was.


I went really nuts cleaning and made the loft completely immaculate,


and even got the boy’s room organized!


Closet too…


And we got some new couches, so we were able to turn this massive couch traffic jam into…


this downstairs…


and this upstairs!


The boys actually cuddled and read books together, which was a combination of shocking, heart melting, and adorable!


The boys approved of the new couches upstairs, although only Jonah passed out on one. Micah pulled his mattress off his bed to watch a movie and passed out on that instead.


And since they went to bed early, I was able to take this complete mess (5 baskets of clean laundry)…


and get it all hung and folded…


and actually put away. There is nothing better that the feeling you get when every single laundry basket is empty!! I still have a decent amount of cleaning to do, but at least 3 rooms in the house could have surprise guests in them without causing any embarrassment!

Once I finish off the kitchen, my next big project is decluttering my desk — I’ll have the before and after for you this week, but it’s going to be pretty intense!

What are you pushing to get done this week?