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Although I don’t generally like taking off two days in a row, this was still a good week. Unfortunately, I rolled my ankle during the Tuesday Crossfit workout so I found myself compensating for it for the rest of the week, and by the time the weekend rolled around I was nervous that it was still bugging me.

Workout Roundup (4)

Sadly, my ankle is still tweaked a bit so I skipped Crossfit yesterday, partially because of poor planning and forgetfulness, and partly because resting one more day was probably wise. I have an occasional twinge, but I was able to finish today’s Crossfit workout (WOD) without wearing an ankle wrap for the first time since Tuesday! I’ll still be careful but I’m excited to be able to job and kick things again 😛

On a totally different note — I talked about having to take some time off from school because my financial aid ran out, but I got some good news today. I got a university grant to be able to take one summer class, so even though I don’t have the Fall semester figured out yet I start class again next week!

Now I’m just crossing my fingers that I can figure everything else out too, because I really want to just be done with my bachelors. I’ve already found the perfect job that I can work from home and make really decent money part-time once I have it so I’m itching to just get there. Although, I now have a week to go from “I think I remember that Spanish word” to basically fluent again — should be a wild ride!

Are you a planner or do you love when something unexpected pops up?

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