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Happy Wednesday!! It’s been a bit of a crazy day so I’m going to keep it short and sweet today.


This (or some variation of it) was my breakfast nearly every day this week. Because I don’t eat grains, it’s basically eggs or leftovers, and I like starting the day with something high fat. Avocado and eggs are the best combination!


I showed you some of this week’s meal prep…


So quite a few meals looked like this. For the most part I don’t get bored with leftovers, so I used the majority of the meal prep for my lunches or an occasional dinner if the hubby had to work late.


The homemade pizza was one of my favorites this week. I’m super excited to use the sauce again for spaghetti squash tomorrow!


The tacos were also a big win. I made the beans myself and I really got the flavor right for once. I wish I’d written down exactly what I put into them…


I’ve been trying to tweak my carbs a little bit this week. I had a nutrition consultation and it was suggested that since I’m not trying to be keto I might need a bit more carbs during the day. I never really thought about the middle ground between keto and just enough carbs to function optimally without ketones — but if I’m sitting in that area it would explain why I’m so tired lately. If the last week has taught me anything though, it’s that it’s REALLY HARD to eat more carbs without eating grains. I was really low on my count last night so I decided to whip up some sweet potato fries — easy bump to my carb count and it felt like cheating 🙂 I was pretty tired though, so that odd-looking roll next to the fries is tuna salad with cottage cheese in a sushi nori wrap. So yummy and so fast!

Do you have your meal plan set for this week already? Any fun recipes you want to share?