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Time for Week in Review with Meghan!

We managed two water days last week, but Jonah completely boycotted the splash pad lol. He ate some snacks in the shade, and eventually wandered into the grass chasing birds, but could not be convinced to even get his feet wet. It was soooo hot, I have no idea what he was thinking lol.


On the other hand, Micah only left the water for 30 seconds at a time to fill his mouth with snacks, and run right back in. I don’t love Arizona summers, but I’m happy there are cheap/free things I can do with the kids so they don’t get stir crazy at home.


After the splash pad we went to the reptile show at our library. Micah was entranced and Jonah literally screamed the entire time because I wouldn’t let him run up and steal the animals.


They both got to pet all three animals — a tortoise (NO!!!! It’s a TURTLE Mommy!!!),


a Burmese python,


and a monitor lizard.


The kids didn’t want to leave the library after that, so we spent some time playing with blocks. I love watching them figure out what configurations will work and which ones will just fall over, it’s so cute to see them reason it out.


And no library trip would be complete without climbing on the huge, squishy books!


They were super worn out, because the minute we got in the car Jonah passed out — with his arm stuck in the Pringles lol! He was so tired he didn’t even notice.


Friday was a really eventful day. We dropped Kinsey off at her day camp and went to see this week’s Harkins Summer Fun movie, Secret Life of Pets. We have it on Netflix, but there’s something about sitting in a theater with little trays of popcorn that the boys really love! Afterwards we met up at the public pool for a couple hours of fun (and mom stress — I really need the boys to learn to swim so I can relax a little!).


With his floaties on Micah was a little fish, and didn’t want any help at all. It’s so cute how independent he’s becoming!


Kinsey helped with the boys and dragged Micah off for time with her friends a few times. He loves feeling grown up enough to hang out with the big kids, and was really sad when she went down the huge water slide because he isn’t tall enough to go with her.


Because the hubby had to work part of the day on Sunday we made sure to spend the whole day with him on Saturday. He made a homemade pizza sauce, and the kids got messy designing their own pizzas!


Micah’s was just cheese, Kins and Jonah got adventurous with sausage, olives, and pineapple, and mine were in the portobello caps. Micah ran off to play while the oven pre-heated, while Jonah did his best to steal everyone’s toppings before they were cooked.


I’m thinking we need couches for the playroom. I cleaned it all out so they had more room to play, but they love playing on the couches more than I expected. Maybe it would make keeping the loft clean a little easier…



Jonah had to watch the pizzas carefully to make sure no one stole his 😛


And it came out amazing!! This was the hubby’s —


and Micah’s…


and mine. I need to salt/dry the caps a little more next time, and brush them with coconut oil or butter, but overall they were pretty awesome!


Micah passed out pretty much immediately after finishing his pizza.


And Jonah moved from his room to the dog’s bed in the middle of the night lol — tell me again why my children own beds??


We made it through church with only minimal crying when I dropped the boys in their classes, which was a HUGE win. Micah has been really melting down when I leave the last few weeks. On one hand I love that he loves time with me that much, but on the other it’s hard that he doesn’t want to be away from me for even a second. A Micah-free potty break would be seriously amazing.


Jonah cracked me up too — he wouldn’t take off his church suit but insisted on playing with his roller skates anyway. He’s so sad that it’s a million degrees out, I know they want to play outside way more than we can. Hopefully it’s a short summer…


We made the hubby tacos for dinner, and I bought him  some Halo Top to try since he’s trying to stay low sugar. The kids got to show him all the different projects they’ve been working on for Father’s Day, and then go to bed early. All in all, it was a really good night. 🙂


What were you up to last week?