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It’s time for some random thoughts with Amanda! 🙂

–Most people read in a library, or choose some books or movies to take home with them. My children? Who need books when you can find random things to climb on?


It’s even better when you can climb on things, AND jump off them! I love that our library is super kid friendly, but it’s a little funny to me that the boys think of the library as a playground that gives us movies for a week at a time, and pay almost no attention to the books I check out for them. I’m definitely grateful that they have so much fun there though, because (hopefully) at some point they’ll learn to love reading as much as I do.

–My eyes don’t like sunlight or chlorine lol, so taking a decent picture at the pool was futile — at least the kids look great though! Kinsey was in full sass mode, and her attitude really reminds me of her Dad. So cute!
I absolutely love those floaties the boys are wearing, because there’s just no way I’d be able to handle both of them in the pool at the same time otherwise. Jonah’s only a pound or two over the lower weight limit though, and he had a little more trouble staying above water. He really didn’t want me to touch him or the floaties though — he really wants to be independent, but I’m a crazy helicopter mom around water. It made for an interesting afternoon, and also convinced me that we need to get the boys into swimming lessons ASAP!

On a super lovely side note — not one, but TWO of my children vomited in the pool before we left. Pretty sure they just swallowed a tiny bit of water (they’re not sick at all), but that was definitely my cue to wrap up the afternoon!

–I’m really exhausted lately. I generally don’t get enough sleep, but my exhaustion levels have skyrocketed to the point of sleeping through my alarm for a full hour without hearing it, and sometimes falling asleep in random spots — like with my forehead on my desk while I’m in the middle of writing something lol. I generally have less energy in the summer so it could be the heat, and I’m going to hydrate even more than usual to see if that helps.

Comment with one random thought you’re having today!

If you could pick a soundtrack for your weekend so far, what songs would be on it?