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It’s time for Week in Review with Meghan!

This is kind of long, but it was so cute I really wanted to share it. The kids were trying out Core de Force with Daddy, and the attempts along with Kinsey trying to teach the boys how to do it just cracked me up! Notice the strategic camera angles so Daddy isn’t visible at all…(weird for a blogger to be married to someone who’s camera-shy, but we make it work!) 😛


I picked up a new shift at the gym childcare so that I don’t have to work back to back on Tuesdays anymore, and the kids seem to like the change. I can’t even believe that Micah is cutting and gluing all by himself!!


And as usual, Jonah passed out in the car on the way to the gym. Gotta love it!


Kinsey is a cross between a total ham, and more camera-shy than her dad lol. I eventually got a smile out of her though!


And after craft time, Kinsey and Micah decided to cuddle on the couch. I love how much these two love each other! Makes me tear up a little…

We did have a bit of a snag on Saturday that changed the course of our day…

I woke up to go to Crossfit, walked out of my room and found this — 5 dozen eggs, some raw sausage, and watermelon all over the carpet in the loft. Apparently the boys woke up hungry in the middle of the night, pulled out all of their toys because they were bored, and then shared all the food with their toys. (Why?? Some days I don’t think I’ll ever understand the motivation behind anything my kids do…)


We had to buy a carpet cleaner and it took a few hours, but eventually the carpet was good as new ( minus the glue spots lol, those are gonna take a bit more spot cleaning).


After Kinsey went back to her mom’s, Micah helped me make dinner. He loves corn but he’s so grossed out by corn silk — he took forever getting every single strand into the trash. 😛


While dinner was cooking I watched the boys race around the couches like crazy people.


We’re planning on moving these couches upstairs in the near future, and I’m thinking I might be able to throw away all their toys once we do. They can play on the couch for hours and never get bored, sometimes I wonder why I bother with actual toys! 😛


I also finally broke my Ergo out of storage again. Jonah has been getting a little crazy in the gym daycare, and it’s been making my life kinda hard while I’m working. He was super mad that I threw him in there, but some veggie straws and water cheered him up. SO much easier than having to throw him in time out every 4 minutes!

What have you accomplished this week that you’re proud of?

How are you keeping cool this summer?