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Thursdays are for Thinking out Loud with Amanda!


I. Am. SORE. I’m not exactly sure which part of yesterday’s workout killed me, but I’m sore EVERYWHERE, especially my forearms. I feel like my body is adjusting back to intense workouts really well, but something about this week has made me sooo much more sore than usual!

It could be in part because of how little sleep I’ve gotten this week, so I took an extra rest day on Tuesday. I’m taking it easy again today, but I have another double planned for tomorrow so we’ll have to see how I feel in the morning. I ran out of my post workout drink, so I think that may have something to do with it too. I have some (kind of gross tasting) branch chain amino acids I started using when I make protein shakes until my new stuff got here.

Speaking of new stuff, I’m actually trying out a new pre and post workout drink!


I already mentioned the Beachbody Energize when I tried some samples a few weeks ago, but I decided when I ran out of Bucked Up to give this a try. I didn’t mind the samples, and I got a discount so it was cheaper. 😛 I haven’t used it long enough to do a full review, but so far it seems to work well! The color is a little off-putting though lol, doesn’t it look radioactive?


I’m also trying the Beachbody post-workout, Recovery. It’s chocolate flavored so I’ve been mixing it with unsweetened almond milk,  and it tastes really good. I was a little worried about using it in a shaker cup because I’ve tried Shakeology (another Beachbody product) in the past and it HAS to be blended or it doesn’t dissolve right, but I was pleasantly surprised about that too. This is a protein/BCAA blend, so I’ll be taking note of how sore I am in comparison to the other post-workout blends I’ve been using.


If I get it again though, I think I’ll switch to orange flavor so I can mix my green drink with it — it’s super gross with the chocolate! I had to get a sugar-free vitamin powder to mix with it for now…

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