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In terms of workouts, it was a really good week!

Workout Roundup (2)

I’ve been really neglecting Beachbody workouts in favor of Crossfit lol. It used to be so much more convenient to workout at home, but with my kids not sleeping its sooo much nicer to put them in daycare for an hour or two!! We’re working on the sleep issues, and if that works out this week will probably be more balanced between the two.

It’s actually been really nice to have both at my disposal. I’ve been really favoring Crossfit, but since I’ve only been doing that for a month and a half I know it’s still a bit of a shiny new object for me. 😛 Even on days I’m feeling tired or lazy, the social aspect really helps me push myself to my limits. Most days I really do push myself at home too, but when I’m tired or sore it’s much easier to be lazy.

I started a new Beachbody program this week, Core de Force. It’s been out a little while but I’d only done the workouts they previewed for free before now. I like that it’s a martial arts workout, but we’ll see how it stacks up to my other favorites (like Insanity) when I’ve done all of the workouts. I think my husband is going to try this one too, which would be really fun! We don’t really workout together because he prefers to workout alone, so I love having the opportunity to workout with him on occasion.

I’m also trying Beachbody’s pre and post workout formulas this month, so in a few weeks you’ll get a review on those too.

Do you prefer working out at home or a gym? Inside or outside?