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With the exception of some movie theater popcorn, I’ve been really on point this week!

All of my breakfasts look basically the same — a little sausage, whatever green veggies I have chopped, onions, and eggs. If I don’t have sausage then I substitute avocado to make sure I’m eating enough fat, but I prefer to save that for my tuna or salad. If I could eat an avocado at every meal I totally would!


This is the beauty of meal prep — nearly identical breakfast, but I added asparagus so I wouldn’t get bored with it and it was already chopped and ready.

IMG_4699 - Copy

I did have one pretty major fail though — the boys started pushing each other and I forgot I was cooking while I broke it up…it didn’t taste as burnt as it looks and I didn’t have time to remake it so I ate it anyway lol.

IMG_4695 - Copy

I’m back on my tuna kick! I’m loving it wrapped in seaweed….


…mixed with tomatoes, onions, and avocado…

IMG_4670 - Copy

…or on top of a ton of spinach. The bowl was full of spinach, I was just so hungry I forgot to take a picture until it was nearly finished.


Most of my dinners started with this prepped chicken.


Salad with spinach, onions, bell peppers, and chicken…


…leftover chicken with a side salad…

IMG_4696 - Copy

…and leftover chicken with roasted asparagus. My husband isn’t a fan of leftovers so a lot of my prepped stuff I get to keep all to myself, and it’s so convenient! Plus I HATE the feel of raw meat, so it’s nice only having to touch it once or twice a week instead of every night.


I’d gotten out of the habit of meal prepping, but it’s great to be back in the groove! I’m going to start posting what and how I prep for the week, because I think it’s crazy how just a few simple things can save you hours during the week.

Do you eat differently during the summer?
I eat a lot more salads during the summer, and I’m more likely to put fruit on them.

Do you meal prep for an entire week, or just a day or two ahead?