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I’m sorry for my absence over the holiday, it got a little nuts!

My nephew turned two, so we spent some time with family while they were in town. The kids went completely nuts with the water balloons!


Micah especially enjoyed hitting Daddy 😛


They grilled for the party, so it was pretty easy to pile a burger with veggies and wrap it in lettuce. Super yummy! It wasn’t even that hard to avoid the cake and ice cream, the temptation was there, but very mild. Actually my husband choosing to avoid it really helped — it’s so awesome when your family shares your goals and encourages you! 🙂


For Memorial Day, my Crossfit gym did a special workout. The workout is named for Michael P. Murphy, who died in the line of duty.


It was absolutely insane, but also a lot of fun to push myself. They had a photographer there so of course there’s at least one super unflattering picture of me, but I’m trying to stop pretending cameras don’t exist while I’m still moving towards my goals so here’s one of them…


Afterwards we had a potluck with mostly healthy choices, and it really hit the spot. The bread and the brownie were gluten-free, so even though those were splurges for me I didn’t have to worry about stomach issues later. 🙂


We ate in the gym, so the kids did their best to try out all of the fitness equipment.


They were both HUGE fans of the rings (until they were noticed and kicked off lol, pesky safety standards :P).


Afterwards they were all really hyper, so we stopped by the splash pad to cool off and burn some energy before nap time. When Kinsey puts on her own sunscreen it’s always a perfect photo-op!


There were a few really cute crafts at the gym this week too. My favorite was the flags they made but those didn’t survive long, so here are the pinwheels they made…


and a coffee filter jellyfish. Micah absolutely LOVED making this, especially gluing on the tentacle.


Jonah still insists on getting up at the crack of dawn even when he’s stayed up all night, so there’s been a lot of cuddling just the two of us. That smile really helps me push through the exhaustion!


In between all of the craziness, I managed to do a little more meal prep. I cooked 4 pounds of chicken, and each is stuffed with something different (garlic, onion, cheese, other veggies) and some are topped with sriracha. I still have to finish prepping my veggies but this is a huge help — I can easily throw it on top of a salad if I don’t want to take the time to cook some broccoli or asparagus.


Micah and Jonah helped with meal prep too — they insisted that these go in the fridge right next to the chicken. 😛 At least they were clean….


Even though it’s been crazy, there’s been so much smiling and playful cuddles, which has made this week even better for me. Even at their craziest, the boys always know when to surprise me with a sweet hug lol — total mommy kryptonite!

What did you do for Memorial Day?