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Sorry for the late post, it’s been a seriously crazy day! I had a bit of a fail this week — I made an awesome roast in the crockpot that I’ve used in nearly every meal besides breakfast, and somehow I don’t have any pictures of it. 😦 SERIOUS #bloggerfail !! It was still amazing, and I’m planning on doing the same thing with a pork roast tomorrow so it pads half my meals for the weekend. 🙂

My breakfasts have all been pretty standard — roasted veggies and eggs. When the kids are already awake the eggs are always scrambled so they’ll eat them, but if they sleep in I’ll treat myself to eggs over easy. Runny yolks are the best!


On occasion I’ll add some sausage to the mix too — I cooked the asparagus with it and it tasted amazing!


Because this week has been crazy, this has been what most of my lunches have looked like. I took some turkey and cheese, and piled some onions, avocado, and sometimes spinach and just at it like an open-faced sandwich without bread. Super messy, but it took all of 2 minutes to throw together!


I mentioned this on Monday, but since this was the cornerstone for half my meals over the weekend I figured I’d mention it again. I roasted some veggies for one meal, and threw some over spinach for another — this steak was seriously to die for!


On a side note, Jonah apparently loves shrimp. He asked what it was and I told him a kind of fish — so of course he asked me if it was Dory. I said kind of, but it looks more like her tail….and now he calls shrimp “Dory-tails”! 😛 It’s funny how kids can take one wise comment and turn it into endless, repetitive fun.

My plans for the rest of the week are pretty simple. I have a pork butt that I managed to get on sale last week, so that’ll go in the crockpot tomorrow morning. I have some spinach and broccoli, so I’ll either make a salad or roasted veggies on the side and maybe some potatoes for the kiddos. Those leftovers should be enough for lunches for the weekend and maybe even one more dinner, which is exciting!

I’ll wind up looking through ads and hitting up Walmart for a little more meat and veggies to last the weekend, but we don’t need much. I’ll probably find something big I can easily throw in the crockpot because running the oven when it’s 105°F just isn’t practical. Plus leftovers are such a lifesaver — there are just some days when it’s so crazy that opening a can of tuna just takes too long lol.

Do you cook differently in the summer? 

Are you a fan of leftovers? My husband hates them, but I seriously could live on them forever.