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Good morning! It’s crazy how fast time is passing right now, I can’t even believe it’s already summer — maybe not officially, but it hit 102°F today so I think I’m entitled to fudge the official date a bit.

Linking up with Meghan for Week in Review!

I feel like the weekend flew by, but we managed to pack a lot of fun into a short amount of time. 🙂 Thursdays are generally uneventful for us, because Kinsey gets home from school/karate just in time to do her homework, eat dinner, and go to bed because school starts so early. This week was a little different –we had a bit of an issue with Jonah having a terrible diaper rash, and nothing I put on it was helping. I was pretty fed up with diaper cream and baby powder since they weren’t helping, so I put him in a cool bath instead. Kinsey and Micah came into the bathroom for our bedtime routine (scriptures, prayer, and songs), and  I let Jonah stay in the bath for a while (thankfully it really helped his tush). When I got him out, I found Micah asleep in Kinsey’s bed and Kinsey asleep in my bed. 😛 I definitely need a bigger bed!


On Friday the kids that I babysit wound up leaving early, so I threw the kids in the car and rushed to the gym for a double-header. I really love the Strike class (it’s like martial arts for Crossfit lol), and I was the only one there so we got done pretty early. My gym buddies were almost as worn out as I was!

We set up the loft for a movie night with the kids, and they picked out The Force Awakens. Of course, there was a ton of gymnastics and silliness before the movie started lol — these kids crack me up!


Micah kept interrupting the movie telling me to “picture” him lol, so I had to oblige of course. He’s seriously the cutest kid!


Jonah woke up about a quarter of the way into the movie and was a bit grumpy, so Micah decided to “picture him” to make him feel better. Jonah didn’t appreciate the gesture…:P This was a short week with Kinsey so we spent the rest of the day just relaxing and cleaning a bit, with a break for a walk to the grocery store. It sounds boring but it was nice to relax.


Sundays are generally filled with church activities for us, and we try to make it a day centered around family and close friends. After church, we had lunch with some friends we haven’t had a chance to see in a while, and it was so nice to catch up! The boys really enjoyed seeing their friends too, although they were a little sad Kinsey wasn’t there to join in the fun.

When we came home, Micah asked to work on his letters, so we pulled out some dry-erase practice books and some flashcards. The flashcards were a HUGE hit, although Jonah may have liked them a little better than Micah. He just sat in the dogs’ bed and identified each picture and told me a story about it, while Micah sang to me about letters lol. Sometimes making sure they love learning matters more than what I planned for them to learn that day…


This week marked the transition from normal temperatures to “I live inside an active volcano”, so we’ll be heading to the splash pad much more often. The water guns are always a favorite for the boys, but weirdly enough getting wet really isn’t.


They like to run around the outskirts of the splash pad so they get just wet enough to not be uncomfortable, but not so wet that their clothes show any evidence they’ve been near water. 😛


Jonah absolutely wouldn’t stay still long enough for a picture, and Micah alternated between hamming it up and hiding from the camera. Ironically, I think his hiding pictures are even cuter!


After the splash pad it was time to hit the gym, and I definitely got my butt kicked. My legs are soooo sore, I can’t imagine what they’re going to feel like when I get up tomorrow!


After my workout I worked in the gym daycare for an hour, which is an interesting combination of fun and complete chaos. This week we’re making crafts for Memorial Day, and the boys loved making these flags! Micah did his almost totally by himself (I poured the glue, he stuck everything on), and he was really proud. I swear he gets a little more adult every day!


Both boys passed out on the way home from the gym, and I actually got them inside without waking them up. They get disoriented when they wake up in their room after falling asleep in the car, so I laid them down in the loft (their favorite place to sleep — sometimes I wonder why they have beds lol). Spirit decided to cuddle with Jonah, which is especially cute because they don’t really get along while Jonah is awake. He’s still a little too rough for her taste, but I think she’ll like him more as he grows up.

Our weekend was otherwise uneventful  — a lot of cleaning, a lot of studying, a little drama, and a lot of play and cuddle time!

Are you a Star Wars fan? Thoughts about The Force Awakens? (Seriously, I would give my left foot to know who the heck Rey’s parents are!)

How do you beat the summer heat?