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I can’t believe it’s already Thursday again. Time for Thinking out Loud (linking up with Amanda).


I think I’ve said this before, but our library completely rocks. This is another play area we discovered that the kids have never used before, and they were loving it!

It’s a little closer to the adult section, but still far enough away that they can be kinda noisy and it’s no big deal. They love to climb on those huge books too, and they’re soft and not super tall so I don’t have to worry (much). I also love how places like this seem to foster their cooperative nature; they seem to worry about helping each other much more in places like this than with the same kinds of toys at home.


Jonah found a dragon that I’ve never noticed before, and it was actually pretty scary and realistic looking.


They’ve also started putting different kinds of toys on some of the tables in the kids section, which I totally love! It’s always educational, even when they have no idea they’re learning. 😛


My husband grills better than your husband! Just kidding (kind of, but not really), but he had to make steaks for some employees the other day and I accidentally bought an extra one for me so he’d make an extra. Holy wow it was amazing! I swear the fact that I got the meat more than half off made it taste even better too. Walmart might get a lot of negative press, but I can’t argue with price matching!

My husband took Micah on his very first fishing trip today, and he LOVED it. He was a little sad that he didn’t catch anything, but they had a great time and he’s already asking to go again! I’ve never been great at fishing, and I think he might already be better at it than I am…


Jonah’s post-shower hair today was amazing….enough said.


Poor kiddo has really bad diaper rash, so he cuddled with me until he fell asleep. He just got off antibiotics and they obviously messed with his stomach because he’s pooping soooo often — I think easily 8 or 10 times today, and that’s a conservative guess. I’ve been sitting him in cool baths and smothering him in baby powder (that’s the only thing he says makes it feel better), but the slightest bit of moisture on him is enough to make him cry right now. I’m going to try coconut oil tomorrow, I’m just out right now and don’t want to drag him to the store when he’s so miserable.


It does seem like the baby powder helped a bit though, because he was finally able to fall asleep. I think his slippers helped too 😛

Life is pretty boring right now, and I’d like to keep it that way lol. Boring means time to finally hang the clean laundry that’s been next to my bed for way too long, and maybe even another toy purge!

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