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This has been the week of breakfast all day! 😛 I roasted a bunch of broccoli, so when I get home late I can toss it in the frying pan with some eggs while I make the kids waffles or pancakes. Super fast and simple!


I love how it only takes a little bit of sausage to make eggs more exciting!


But I still love them without it, even though it would be nice to have sausage or bacon every day 😛


I think this was my favorite brinner this week. Over-easy eggs over a sweet potato hash. It was super yummy and there were leftovers, which is always a bonus!


The one downfall of my brinner (breakfast for dinner) plans this week is that the waffle iron gets super hot, and I’m pretty clumsy. Waffle iron:1 Me:0


I got stuck out all day once this week, and I was grateful to have a moderately healthy option. I’m sure Panda is full of preservative and hidden ingredients I’d prefer not to know about, but grilled chicken and veggies is still better than grabbing a Whopper or something.


This was my favorite dinner this week! I marinated the chicken all day, glazed it in local honey, and roasted it with some broccoli. I was still super hungry from my workout, so I made a little bit of mashed potatoes for a little carb boost. All in all a really good week!

I’ll post my meal plan for the next few days later today!

What has been your favorite meal this week?

Do you have tricks to help keep your eating habits on track?