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Happy Monday everyone! Today I’m linking up with Meghan for my Week in Review. 🙂

I actually spent a very unproductive weekend for the most part. On Fridays I babysit all day, so that’s generally not one of my more productive days, but the kiddos left a bit early so I was able to clean up and organize a bit downstairs.


My husband invited a friend over for dinner so I threw together some chicken/beef tacos, and they were a hit with the kids and the adults. Kinsey must be going through a growth spurt or something because I swear she ate 4 or 5 tacos and still had room for dessert!

Sadly, our mini dinner party pretty much ended my productivity for the weekend. I meant to wake up early to go to the temple before everyone woke up, but I woke up around 6 seriously annoyed that I’d slept through my alarm. As it turned out that was a really good thing, because Micah wandered not long after than and kicked off a day long vomiting spree that was as impressive as it was concerning. 😦 Poor kiddo was so miserable, and I basically spent the entire day cuddling him and trying to keep Jonah from roughhousing with him.

Unfortunately, after cuddling with Micah all day I started feeling nauseated around midday, and I spent the rest of the weekend just about as miserable as he was.

My weekend looked a lot like this….


And this.


Jonah managed to stay healthy, but luckily he’s been napping more than usual this week. I’m pretty sure he’s at the tail end of a growth spurt because he’s not eating as much as usual and sleeping a lot more. Ironically Micah is the opposite — eating a metric ton or so every day and never sleeping — so he’s probably about to shoot up a few more inches. Some days it really hits me how grown up my boys are! I still don’t understand how enough time has passed for that to be true…

All in all not my most productive weekend.

I’m feeling a lot better this morning though, and I’ve managed to start out my week being hyper productive! I’ve already finished my morning routine, read from each of the three personal development books I’m reading right now, cleaned up the kitchen a bit, and now I’m cracking my NASM textbooks. I’m hoping for an hour or two of good study time before the kids wake up, because I really need to speed up how fast I’m getting through these books. I want to have all my tests scheduled by the end of the month!

What are you proud of accomplishing this week?

Are you reading any good books right now?