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I’ve been sick the last week so I haven’t really wanted anything but soup and carbs, but I still tried to get as many nutrient dense meals as possible.

Eggs and leftover roasted veggies is pretty much the easiest breakfast possible, so I did this a lot. When it’s cooked right, asparagus is seriously amazing!


I do have to admit there was a night when I felt sick enough to buy a gluten-free pizza. Not the best, and not the best for me either, but it still really hit the spot at the time. Plus instead of washing dishes I fell into bed early, which probably helped me get better a little faster!


Super easy lunch — tuna avocado salad. I love the way mashed avocado kind of doubles as a dressing, especially when it’s really ripe.


I also found some chicken apple sausage on clearance, and you can see my leftover roasted veggies made another appearance this week.


This was my other go-to lunch this week. Half of a sweet potato topped with leftover taco meat, onions, and tomatoes. I’m a little sad I was out of avocado but it was still super yummy!


Dinners aren’t quite as rushed as lunches, but I’m still a huge fan of simplicity. The burger salad made another appearance this week, and it was to die for! It still feels weird to put pickles and ketchup on a salad, but something about the whole thing really works. I really do think I like this better than a bun, and I’m not just saying that because the bun would make me sick 😛


Once again, simplicity has been the most important factor in meals this week, and I really appreciate how easy it’s been to keep things healthy without much prep or effort!

What have you been eating this week?

Do you meal prep or just make it up as you go?