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I’ve officially started my intro classes for Crossfit, and I’m really loving it! I think one of my favorite parts is that the childcare is free and awesome! There are new crafts every week, and both boys are really loving the chance to get messy and be creative. I also think it’s hilarious that the perfect, neat little bee belongs to my 2-year-old, and the one with the body parts in all the wrong places belongs to my 3 1/2 year old! When Jonah is old enough to not have me “help” way too much, I’m sure his will look just as adorably messy… 😛


Monday’s workout was a killer, I was totally dead afterwards! Even with a diaper change and a potty run this was the most intense workout I’ve had in a long time.


Do anyone else’s children strip the moment they get home? I swear they hate clothes WAY too much.


And even though it’s a week late, we had some fun dying Easter eggs. It was super messy though — I think I prefer the messiest crafts stay at the gym so I don’t have to worry about cleanup!


The boys have been super clingy this week, so there have been a few nights where I let them fall asleep in bed with me so I can study. I haven’t been getting through these textbooks as fast as I’d hoped, so I’m really trying to take every opportunity to cram as I can. I really need to take all three certification tests by the end of May, so being a little crowded in bed has been worth the extra study time. Plus how can I refuse cuddles from these adorable kiddos?


Once I’m done with these certifications I’m looking into getting Crossfit certified. I think it would be fun to work with a couple of different styles of workouts, and being well-rounded as a trainer is never a bad idea. It would definitely make sure I’m never bored! 😛

What are you proud of accomplishing this week?