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Time to link up with Amanda for Thinking out Loud!

–Last night Jonah woke up and threw up all over the hubby while I was at Bunco, so I ran home to help until the carpet, kids, and hubby were all showered and cleaned up. Poor Jonah was so tired he passed right out again, and after cuddling for a few minutes I was able to rush back for the end of my game. We had some more cuddles after the game, and he seems to be doing fine this morning.


–Some days I feel like a referee, keeping the boys apart after they’ve hit each other in the heads with toys, pushed each other into walls, or just punched and kicked each other until I broke it up. Their incessant craziness makes moments like this so much sweeter though! Micah wanted to play but he was hungry, so Jonah kept bringing him forkfuls of food until he was full. Seriously, could they be any sweeter??


–My parents gave the kids a raised gardening setup for Easter, and today I noticed the first little bits of green in the seeding tray! Kinsey hasn’t seen it yet, but the boys are super excited about it!


–For some reason I feel the need to share my favorite memes from this week.



Tough love:

IMG_4259 (1)

Crossfit (courtesy of a friend that loves making fun of me 😛 ):


Hehehehe…I especially like the last one. I’ve only been 3 times so far but I’m already loving it, so I guess the Kool-Aid is pretty darn good! 😛

Plus it’s hard to not love a workout that still has me this red and sweaty after the 25 minutes drive home!


Plus sooo many crafts for the kids, and never on my tables! Lol even on the days I have to clean up after them, it’s way less stressful to know I don’t have to worry about my carpet or table getting stained. Win-win!


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