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Today started with a little bit of letter and number identification! Ironically, even though Jonah isn’t really preschool age yet, he’s the one who wanted to do this. Micah hasn’t been sleeping well again so he passed out and didn’t participate, but we’ll practice more when he wakes up. One of the benefits of homeschooling — when kids need it they can sleep in without worrying about being marked tardy!


I’ve noticed that Micah prefers learning more abstract and creative things, rather than the black and white of letters and numbers. Of course he still needs to learn them, but I love encouraging his creative side! The stories that go with his PlayDoh sculptures can be surprisingly long and complex, it makes me wonder if he’ll like to write when he’s older. 🙂


I also love that the trip to New York is still on his mind. He wanted to make a snowman so he could play in the cold with it, which was just ridiculously adorable! New York is the first place he’s seen snow in person, and he’s been asking for more snow ever since (although he did tell me he wants to be hot in the snow…it was a very Olaf moment, I couldn’t break his heart and tell him that would melt the snow).


Micah is going to be my little artist, and Jonah’s going to be my rocket scientist 😛

Workout Roundup!

Wednesday — Body Beast Build Back/biceps; walk 2.3 miles

Thursday — Body Beast Build Shoulders

Friday — Walk 2 miles

Saturday — off

Sunday — Core de Force Speed 2.0; Body Beast Tempo Chest/Triceps

Monday — off (sick)

Tuesday — Body Beast Build Legs, Bulk Back

I’m really proud of the fact that even though life got really crazy this week I still managed to workout 5 days, with 4 of them including lifting. I’d planned on 6 days of lifting with one day off, but I doubled up on two days so I didn’t miss any of my lifting workouts. I’m only a little sore even though I’ve been really pushing myself in my workouts, and I’m feeling a lot stronger already. 🙂

Also something exciting — I start Crossfit next week! I have to do 3 mandatory beginner classes over the next two weeks, and I’ll be able to go whenever I want starting in May. I’m still going to complete Body Beast though (it’s a 60 day program and I’m on week 2), so it’ll be really interesting to see how I hold up doing both. I won’t overdo it, but it feels so fun to be kicking butt again! 🙂 Pretty sure next month’s weigh-in is going to be awesome 😛

What are you doing for your workouts this week?

Is there a type of exercise you’ve always wanted to try?

How is your progress towards your goals?