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Crazy to think it’s already Thursday again, and time for Thinking out Loud with Amanda!

My kids do gross things with food.


Pretty sure this picture needs no explanation…

I’m completely in love with home warranties!

A month or two ago, our upstairs AC stopped blowing (in AZ we have separate units for each level because of the intensity of summer heat). It was super cool out and six-hour service windows are awful so I’ve been putting off fixing it, but when I realized it was going to hit 90 degrees this week I figured I needed to get my butt moving. It took less that 30 minutes, and even though we didn’t need a full replacement we saved a bunch of money by going through our warranty. So grateful it all turned out well!

Work hard play hard?


We had a movie night so I had my first real soda in a super long time. Took me almost 7 hours to finish it! Some days I take the Mormon stereotype to the next level. 😛

I’m still shocked how much I’m loving this book


It’s really crazy how much my days change on the mornings I follow the advice in this book. I’m not quite done with it yet, but I’ve been able to implement quite a lot of it already and my productivity has absolutely shot through the roof. Totally worth getting up at 4 am!! (As soon as I finish I’ll give you a real review, you’ll love it!)

Who needs couches?


Sometimes no matter how many seats are available, you just need to sit on top of the Cozy Coupe. That’s totally normal, right?  ^_^

New set schedule

I’ve looked at everything going on right now, and I’ve figured out the best schedule for the blog. It was a little off again this week, but as of Monday I’ll be adhering to a strict schedule. You can count on posts daily Monday thru Friday, posted by 8 am PST. I may occasionally post on Saturday/Sunday, but I’m not going to commit to that being a weekly thing. Please let me know what you think of the new schedule going forward!

What crazy randomness is on your mind today?

Have you ever heard of the Miracle Morning? Do you love it as much as I do?