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Is that a thing? I’m feeling a little scattered so I’m going to say yes. 😛


I’ve been really on point with my workouts this week, and I’m really happy with how I’m feeling the last few days. I have better energy, I’m already feeling stronger, and it’s getting easier to get out of bed by 4 instead of 4:45. I know that sounds early but I generally help the hubby get ready for work between 4:45 and 5:15 so that’s basically time when I can’t workout or be productive before the kids wake up. That extra 45 minutes makes such a huge difference in my mornings!

Workout Roundup!

Wednesday — walk 1.4 miles

Thursday — Insanity Max30 Maxout Strength, walk 1 mile

Friday — Insanity Max30 Pulse

Saturday — P90X3 abs

Sunday — Body Beast Build Legs

Monday — Walk 1.7 miles, Body Beast Build Chest/Tris

Tuesday — Barre workout + burpees

I promised a friend of mine that I would actually go through and complete the Body Beast program (I generally just pick and choose what workouts I want on a daily basis rather than following the calendar with the program) so that I can get a free t-shirt, so on days when I feel like I need more cardio you’ll see me double up. Who doesn’t love two-a-days?!


So this book is one of the things that’s really helped me stay on track the last few weeks. I’m not generally into the whole new age self-help book scene, but I won this during a workout challenge and I’m actually really loving it. I don’t know if his approach to life is scientifically based or not, but I know it’s getting me out of bed earlier and making me WAY more productive through the day!

It’s basically just a study of what practices make your mornings the most productive in terms of maintaining productivity and effectiveness throughout the day, and a recommendation on what to make sure you’re doing based on his personal and client results. I’m about halfway through so I’ll do a real review later, but I would already recommend this to anyone who feels like they aren’t quite where they want to be in any part of their life. Since having kids I’m more easily thrown off course by the constant barrage of unexpected craziness, and this seems to be helping me push through that. It’ll be interesting to see if it keeps helping in the long-term, so once I finish the book I’ll let you know how I’m doing!

Do you have a specific morning routine that helps you focus your day?

How have your workouts been the last week?