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Happy Monday! This weekend was really crazy, so I’m probably one of the few people that’s breathing a sigh of relief that the weekend is over. Even though it was crazy it was fun though — with the hubby working his regular job and running the school we don’t get much time with all 5 of us together, so even crazy family time is appreciated.

To start off the weekend Kinsey had her first martial arts class, which she absolutely loved! She’s been asking ever since when her next one is, and “next week” has been a completely unacceptable answer for her. 😛


We spent most of Saturday at the Renaissance Festival, which was a first for me. It was fun, but also very difficult. The boys didn’t want to ride in the wagon (we brought a nice shaded radio flyer wagon instead of the stroller so all 3 kids could fit), and so we spent a huge amount of time either trying to get Jonah to stop crying, or trying to get Micah to stop running away. I was so distracted I only got two pictures — this one of the kids petting the goats…


and my first ever chicken on a stick! It was actually really good, even if the food is terribly overpriced there. That was my one complaint, that there really wasn’t much that the kids could do without paying extra, and they don’t give any discounts for infants or toddlers. We’ll have to go back and let the kids do everything they want when I’m in a position to drop a few hundred bucks in one afternoon. 😛


One of his friends gave my husband this lollipop, and the kids REALLY wanted to taste it. (This was one of those moments where I wondered if any of my DNA survived when they were conceived, because HECK NO!) They all took a lick, but no one was brave enough to keep eating after that. I seriously can’t believe that people actually eat these, scorpion and all!


After Ren Fest we hit the mall food court for dinner because everyone wanted something different. My sister-in-law bought all the kids Cinnabon, and Jonah threw a fit because he didn’t want his hands to get messy. He was much happier once his Cinnabon was securely skewered on a fork! 😛


I was trying to get a cute picture of all of us, but Micah kept insisting on taking the picture — this is the best one. Toddler selfies are super cute for some reason!


Sunday was also a pretty long day, so we kept dinner pretty simple. Chicken stuffed with asparagus, green beans, and garlic and covered in a siracha sauce with more asparagus and green beans on the side for the adults, and plain chicken, green beans, and corn on the cob for the kids. They didn’t eat the green beans, but Micah is getting so much better about eating meat that’s not breaded and fried!


I’m trying to get better about prepping so I made a full tray of the chicken and packaged it into lunches for today, plus extra for salads. Then I washed and cut green beans, asparagus, cucumber (spears and small chunks for salad), and strawberries. It took maybe an extra ten minutes to cut and package everything, but dinners will be a lot faster for the next few days. I have another big package of chicken I’m going to prep on Wednesday, and I’ll hard boil a dozen or two eggs for snacks and salads too. Such a simple way to make my day flow better!


I’ve been really working on increasing my weights this week, and this morning I torched my chest and triceps. I’ve been designing some of my own workouts, but I’m trying to maximize productivity so I tried something a little different today. I like the way the Body Beast workouts are designed, so I threw in the DVD and went with it. The best part is, I used the rest times (usually between 30-90 seconds depending on the intensity of the set) to clean up the playroom. I would never be able to do that on my own because I’d get caught up cleaning something and come back 20 minutes later, but having someone yelling across the room for me to pick up my weights made it possible to stay on track and finish my workout with a sparkling clean playroom!


Jonah woke up in the last 5 or 10 minutes of my workout, and was clearly jealous of the attention the dumbbells were getting. After laying on the dumbbells didn’t work he waited for me to start some ab work and climbed into my lap, but he was far too cute to be mad at. I’ll just have to get up 20 minutes earlier tomorrow!


So far it’s been a great day! I have to tackle some laundry and then I’m working in the gym daycare tonight, so I’m hoping my productivity keeps going!

Did you do anything fun this weekend?

Do you meal prep or just throw meals together on the fly?