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Thursdays are for Thinking out Loud with Amanda.

It feels weird that the kids are getting old enough to entertain themselves.


This mostly applies to Micah, Kinsey’s been old enough to entertain herself for a while now. It was so fun watching him really use his imagination without any direction from me. I swear he’s going to be a writer or something because he makes up the most incredible stories! He got really creative with playdoh while we were at the gym daycare, he was the only kid that wanted to keep playing when it was time to put the playdoh away.


While Micah way being creative, Jonah decided to nap lol, and he was just too cute not to take a picture.


And Kinsey was so happy that her picture was hung on the wall before we left!

Yard work is not my favorite thing.


But I know I’m going to love the boys having a big area to play outside once I’m finished with the weeds, digging up dead plants, and scooping dog poop. (This doesn’t look like a lot of progress, but I pulled weeds and cleaned up all the leaves in the front yard first). Also, it was a killer workout, my arms were totally spent!

I still miss Rockstar, but not as much as I thought I would.


I had to reuse an old picture, because I’ve gone almost 2 weeks without Rockstar or soda now with only one slip up. I’ve had some pretty intense headaches, but I know they’ll pass soon enough so I’m pushing through. #whoneedscaffeineanyway right? 😛

I pretty much never stop spring cleaning

I feel like I mention that there’s something I’m decluttering every other post lol, but it’s in large part because it’s incredibly easy to keep accumulating clutter when you have kids. We try to make gifts revolve around experiences or toys that can be used outside (bikes, skates, etc), but we’re blessed to have a lot of family members and friends that like to give the kids presents and clothes. The boys have also grown enough that I’m getting rid of all of their smallest clothes again, which seriously feels like something I do once a month. Even though the piles of stuff to be donated really stress me out, it feels soooooo good to finally get them out the door.

Working out more often must be making a difference

I’ve been lifting more lately, and there have been days I really feel stronger. When we went to the gym the other day both boys refused shoes so I had to carry them across the parking lot to the door, and even though they were super heavy (30+ squirming pounds each) I didn’t feel like I was going to drop them. They’re only going to get bigger, so I’m glad I’m starting to be able to keep up with them a little better.

What random things are on your mind today?