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So yeah, it’s really Tuesday. I’ll have my timeline totally straightened out by next week!

Kinsey’s soccer season is over, so we had a ton of fun at the park on Saturday with her team.


The families came out and had pizza and cupcakes, and gave the kids trophies. The boys helped themselves to Kinsey’s share when she decided she wasn’t really hungry…


He wasn’t a fan of stopping for the camera, but that hat is so cute on him I absolutely needed a picture!


Kinsey was all about the bunny ears — I can’t even believe that’s still a thing!


What you really see when you’re trying to get your three kids to sit together for a cute picture….


and this is the best we got. At least two of them is looking at the camera and the bunny ears are symmetrical, right? We’ll also pretend that Jonah doesn’t have a big open mouth full of chewed pizza…


Sadly after the party Kinsey went home with her mom, so the boys were pretty sad. We cuddled and had a movie night (no pictures because I totally passed out long before they did).

I did manage to get a picture of us after church though. I seriously don’t think there’s anything cuter than little boy’s suits!


And because I missed Monday…

This is one of my favorite parts about homeschooling Micah and Jonah. We built a castle together, and in doing so learned about colors, shapes, numbers, counting, structural integrity, and how to use their imaginations. So much better than book work! (At least at this age).


Having different kinds of blocks helps too. They have wooden blocks (like above), duplo, and even tinker toys, and I think each kind helps them be creative and learn in a different way.


Even with life being crazy, I still managed to clean the kitchen and hand-make some bread…


and some gluten-free cookies. Not the best cookies I’ve ever tasted but they were pretty far up there as far as gluten-free baked goods go.


I’ve been craving sweets for a while and this really hit the spot!


What have you done that made you feel really accomplished last week?

Have you ever baked with gluten-free flours? Thoughts?