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Our printer has been on the fritz lately so I haven’t been able to print the pretty, perfect letter practice sheets I’m used to using…


but this kiddo doesn’t know the difference (or care for that matter). He’s just excited to “color” his letters, and he loves knowing which one is “his letter” and “Jonah’s letter”. We’re still working on Kinsey’s letter lol, but I don’t want him to get confused so I’m only adding 1 letter per week.


He asked to practice his name today, even though he can’t identify all the letters yet. His handwriting is actually getting a lot neater too!


Today’s letter was B. He wasn’t such a big fan and only finished about half of this, but he’s only 3 so we rolled with it. I have to be careful how much desk time I give him in one sitting, because once he’s overloaded he’s pretty much done for the day. If I let him get up whenever he wants and play for a few minutes, he gets a lot more done. Boys can be a challenge but I think homeschooling is all about noticing how each child learns best and adapting to it. That, and lots and LOTS of active time, especially for boys!


We’ve been walking a little bit later because it’s gotten so hot out, so the boys are a little more rambunctious. I thought I could bribe them with new snacks — yogurt and fruit loops anyone? — but that turned into the Epic Yogurt Fight of 2017. By the time we got home they both had it in their hair and all over their face and clothes — instant bath time! Some days they really catch me off guard — throwing yogurt just wasn’t a thing with Kinsey. Boys…

I guess I can’t complain too much though, they did let me get in a killer chest workout before the walk without almost any interruption. 🙂


And yet moments like this make me totally forget the moments they were spooning yogurt into each others’ hair. Jonah passed out on my chest, and even though I was exhausted (pretty sure my eyes are half closed there) I didn’t want to put him down to go to bed. Their newfound independence is so adorable but it still makes my mommy heart happy to get sleepy snuggles for such a long time! 🙂


I need a bigger bed so I can just cuddle all three of them whenever I want lol.

Are any of you homeschoolers? Did you go all the way through high school or just when the kiddos were little?

At what age do boys become easier than girls? 😛

I keep hearing that they are, but so far Kinsey has been waaaaay easier lol. I’m sure I’ll regret saying that when she’s a teenager though…