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As always, Thursdays are for Thinking out Loud with Amanda!

I only have about 1/4 of my last Rockstar left!


This is probably weird, but I have conflicting feelings of total panic and complete relief as I tiptoe towards the end of this can. It’s also ridiculous how tired I am without drinking half a can before the boys wake up…I’m wondering how long it’s going to take my body to adjust back to not having a constant caffeine source.

It is WAY too early to be this hot out!!!


(Also it’s really hard to take a picture with unhappy toddlers…this was as close as we got to a decent shot.)

We had to go to the store today and I decided we should walk. That’s not uncommon for us when Kinsey isn’t here (she gets super tired and is too big for a stroller lol), but today was kind of miserable. It was a warm but not unpleasant 75 degrees with a cool breeze blowing when we left…thirty minutes later we walked home on the fiery surface of the sun! Ok, so realistically it only hit 85 today, but every year the heat sneaks up on me and kicks my butt. All winter long I love living in Arizona, but when summer hits my opinion really wavers. I think eventually we’ll wind up being snowbirds, or at least vacationing most of the summer. 😛

I’m making some small changes to the blog…

You may have noticed that my banner has changed recently, and there are a few other things I’ll be modifying over the next week or two. In particular I’m going to get back to my focus on fitness and nutrition, and I’m going to be posting more often and on a more regular schedule. I haven’t decided exactly what that will be yet, but I’ll have it figured out within a week or so.

My backyard is a super embarrassing jungle.

I really need to get the weeds and dog poop under control before it hits 90. I never realized until we bought a house how much I despise yard work! I need to make it safe for the kids to be outside though, so I can set up sprinklers and give them a place to be messy boys. I don’t always feel like driving to the splash pad or the pool, so it’s nice to have an alternative on super hot days. I also want to put some comfy chairs out there so I have a place to read or write while they’re playing, but it’s hard to find something that would survive monsoon season. I might just have to stick with hard plastic, but I’m hopeful that we’ll eventually find something weather-proof. (For anyone not familiar with Arizona’s monsoon season, it’s basically 1-2 months of dust storms, lightning storms, and heavy rain and it tends to happen anywhere between July and September). I’ll post pictures when I finally finish it…

I’m finally starting to catch up on keeping the house clean.

It’s by far not where it needs to be, but there is definite progress. I’m trying to keep downstairs clean enough that we could have company drop by at any time and I wouldn’t die of embarrassment, and then work on pockets of clutter as I have time. I’ll post pictures of that when I’m done also. 🙂

It’s possible to be so tired that you fall asleep mid-bite.


Seriously lol, that strawberry fell out of his mouth as he fell asleep. I watched super closely to make sure there wasn’t any food in his mouth he could choke on, but once I realized he was safe I couldn’t stop laughing!

I don’t take or post pictures of myself. 

There’s a self-esteem issue with this one. While I’m losing weight, I’m still heavier than I’ve ever been (besides being pregnant) so I don’t really like the way I look right now. A friend of mine asked for pictures of me and Jonah, and I realized there are almost none at all. I know I’ll regret that when they’re older, and I’ve decided to knock it off. Currently, I’m fat. That’s the reality. But I’m also doing everything I need to do to get back to my pre-baby weight and fitness level, and there isn’t any reason to completely hide until I get here.

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