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Thanks to the awesome Arizona weather this week, we’ve been able to keep the kids active outside instead of climbing on all of the furniture inside! There’s not much that they love as much as a fun slide, and Jonah has absolutely no fear! I try to take them somewhere fun while Kinsey is in school because they get so depressed when I drop her off. Micah still cries pretty often, and it just breaks my heart to see them so sad.


He also refuses to keep shoes on no matter how hard I push for it. Pretty sure I’m raising a future barefoot runner lol, his feet will be calloused enough for mountain trails before much longer!


He wasn’t quite ready for the monkey bars though, he just wanted to sit on the steps. Micah made an attempt but jumped too far to the first bar and hit his head on it. Once he felt better I had him try again because I didn’t want him to leave the park scared of them, and he did much better the second time.


Both boys loved the little climbing wall at our park, and I was pretty impressed how fast they both were climbing it. I can’t wait until they’re old enough to take them to a real rock climbing wall, they’re going to love that!


I forgot to bring a ball, so they just chased each other around the field for a while.


Micah wanted to ride his bike to the park instead of ride in the stroller….pretty sure he’d changed his mind by the time we were halfway home. Poor kiddo was so tuckered out.


As much fun as they have at the park, their favorite outside times always include Kinsey. They got to play with chalk while I tackled some weeds in the front yard (I didn’t finish because they boys got a little hyper and kept running in the street), and Kins taught them how to play hopscotch. Pretty sure Jonah has it down! 😛

On Sundays we have church from 8-11 am, and we really try to make that a family day. Danny had to work, but once we changed out of church clothes the kids and I spent some time outside together.


Kinsey and Jonah wanted to Rollerblade and Micah wanted to ride his bike so we headed out for a very slow walk together. It felt a little weird to not have the stroller with me but it was awesome to see Jonah (not really) keeping up with Kinsey and Micah. I can’t believe my time with the stroller as my constant companion might be heading towards an end — where will I put my water bottle when I run now??


After we got a few blocks away from home Kins decided she was finished with skating and wanted to bike, and Jonah was getting really tired so he traded his skates for the stroller.


I love that he still naps in the stroller all the time — it can make my life a lot easier sometimes…


We’re trying to soak up the good weather while it lasts! It’s already supposed to hit the 80s this week, so I know we don’t have forever before we’re back in triple digits for the summer. I love Arizona winters, but the summers and I still don’t get along very much.

What are your favorite ways to involve the kids in being active?

Do you prefer to be active outside or indoors?

What are your go-to ways to cope with bad weather?