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I don’t feel like I talk enough about the things I’m grateful for, so I decided that today’s random thoughts would all have something to do with the things in my life that I’m grateful for.

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My kiddos totally melt my heart 🙂


I’ve been pretty open that things with the kids (specifically the boys) have been a little rough lately and my patience is worn a bit thin. Micah is finally really potty trained, even at night, and now I’m starting all over with Jonah (cue massive hair pulling). The boys never sleep — even if I actually get them to bed on time (around 7-8) they always wake up at midnight and stay up until sunrise. I have no idea how their internal clocks got set that way and I have no idea how to reverse it. Of course, this means they’re grumpy and prone to tantrums every day for the last few months, which is wearing on me too. That being said, there are still so many moments every day that remind me how lucky I am to be able to call these crazy kiddos mine. It’s always the days when they’re completely crazy and I’m losing my mind that they have a momentary turnaround and I’m struck by how amazing my kids are.

Yesterday Jonah had the most amazing tantrum while I was trying to checkout in Walmart, and as Murphy’s Law would have it we were stuck in line for ten minutes or so. By the time we were loading everyone back into the car my eye was seriously twitching because I was getting stressed that he wouldn’t calm down (I always feel bad when my kids are making a scene in a public place, I know no one wants to listen to them scream). I got Micah and Kinsey in first because they were being cooperative, threw the bags in the front seat, and grabbed Jonah. He looked at me really closely, stopped crying, gave me a big hug and said “I love you Mommy, I love you more and more.” Then he started screaming again because he didn’t want to ride in his carseat. It was still super stressful to listen to him cry on the ride home, but those ten seconds made a world of difference for me.

Even on the worst days, my kiddos always know how to calm my stress and make my heart happy. 🙂

Some days I crave cruddy frozen pizza…


But I stuck to my salad anyway! I don’t really want this junk anyway, I just remember the taste of awesome NYC pizza when I smell this…

Micah is getting pretty good with his letters!

Except that he always crosses out what he just did when he’s finished, and he hates lowercase letters. For some reason he doesn’t try nearly as hard with them, and instead of crossing them out he scribbles over them so they’re obliterated. He cracks me up!!

Donuts = marshmallows? 


I had a super mom fail today. Kinsey wanted to go to school dressed as a marshmallow (it was “dress like something camping related” day at school today, but I forgot to buy marshmallows for her necklace and headband. Instead, we used donuts for the necklace because they’re white and fluffy, and rice crispy treats for her headband because they have marshmallows in them…not sure if that will fly with her teacher but my fingers are crossed. She had so much fun getting the rice crispy treats to stick to her headband!

I ate my salad!


In my house, when you eat your salad, the kids make you an ice cream cone. 😛 My kids are so sweet!

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