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I skipped over most of our weekend in the last post, so I’m catching up here 🙂

On Saturday Kinsey had back to back soccer games, so of course her main concern was that she got to play at the park. 😛

I know this is supposed to be a handicapped swing, but it’s totally awesome for everyone. The kids loved riding together, and it gave the boys enough confidence to go higher (while keeping my hair from turning grey).


Micah tried the big boy swings a few times, and he was actually really good at it. There was one incident where he leaned back too far and fell, but my ninja-husband totally caught him before he even made it all the way off the swing. I can only dream of having such crazy reflexes!


The boys are really into climbing right now, so this little rock climbing wall was a favorite.


I wasn’t surprised Micah could make it up with no problem, but when Jonah hopped on I was a little nervous. The first time he made it up without much effort, but the second time he didn’t think he needed to use his hands at all and fell right before he hit the top. I caught him, but still wasn’t nearly as impressive as the hubby’s save.


Can you even believe how grown up he is?? I can’t.

Of course I feel the same way about Kinsey. That mischievous smile just makes my heart happy…


And to keep the boys off the field, I ran around and played soccer with them in the little area between fields. Micah has a really strong kick for a 3-year-old!


Jonah is starting to learn to dribble, and I’m impressed with how fast he’s learning. You can tell his coordination isn’t quite as far along as his understanding of what he should be doing, but he didn’t seem to get frustrated at all.


The boys played together really well with very minimal fighting, which always makes me happy. I can’t wait for them to be really good friends. 🙂


Of course, then we went home to cake and presents, which you’ve already heard about. All in all it was a really nice, relaxing Saturday!

What do your younger kids do while your older kids play sports?