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Note — I meant to publish this on Monday and somehow just forgot. I’ve contracted what appears to be the plague so I’ve been out of it. Sorry!


Sometimes having an older sister means being her life-sized Barbie doll….even if you’re a boy. Poor Micah is soooo much more patient than I would have been! 😛

It’s been a really long week. The whole family has been sick on and off, with Micah having bilateral ear infections, Jonah and I having bronchitis, Danny having a stomach bug, and Kinsey having a cough (thankfully that never turned into anything else). Because of their antibiotics the boys were feeling pretty sick too, and a considerable amount of my time has been spent either cleaning up poop or secretly throwing out something that was pooped on at times when the kids couldn’t object.


There were also a lot of cuddles, sometimes like this….


…and sometimes like this. It’s so funny to me that most of the time my kiddos will keep playing and laughing no matter how cruddy they feel.


Because I can’t stop coughing, we spent a lot of time on leisurely paced walks. The boys got to relax and get some fresh air, and I got to log a few miles without getting out of breath enough to provoke very many coughing fits. And for the record, it was 65 degrees during this walk, but my kiddos needed that many blankets because it was soooo cold out! 😛


After that particular walk I let the boys keep napping in the stroller because they were comfortable, but Jonah had other plans. He woke up and slid halfway out of the stroller, then went back to sleep in this ridiculous position! That boy cracks me up.


Sick or not, the boys asked repeatedly to play outside, so I relented as long as they took it easy. Micah is getting so good at balancing on his bike!


Jonah is obsessed with his skates and getting way too fearless for my long term sanity, but I love how much fun he has with them. There were some older boys skateboarding on our street and he kept trying to imitate what they were doing.


When he couldn’t replicate their moves, he kept pretending to fall and saying “I slipped, Mommy!” I don’t know what he was thinking, but it was hilarious.


Sunday we had dinner at my sister-in-law’s house and the boys were in heaven. She has 6 kids so her house is very kid friendly, and they wanted to try out EVERYTHING. One of their favorites was the piano, and they pretended to read the music while playing and even made up words to go with it. So cute!! I’m definitely going to start teaching them piano soon, and maybe even a little percussion. I’m really excited about it!


Then their aunt pulled out this bounce house and the boys went completely crazy. I seriously think they jumped and slid for over an hour, and they were still devastated when it was time to clean up.


I was really proud of Jonah because he was one of the smallest kids in the house but he wasn’t afraid of being tossed around a bit and he was every bit as daring as Micah!


And the night wouldn’t have been complete without a bunch of clumsy headfirst slides to give me a bit of a heart attack. I’m told all the time that boys just throw themselves into random danger and I need to relax about it, but man is that hard for me. Growing up in a house overwhelmed by girls and then watching Kinsey grow up just hasn’t prepared me for the craziness that comes with having boys. It’s definitely never boring though! Being a boy mom has its challenges but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂