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I’ve neglected to write for a few weeks, so I’m just going to give some highlights of what we’ve been up to. 🙂


It was brought to my attention that Jonah hasn’t actually gotten to try his new skates outside since he got them on Christmas…so of course we had to remedy that immediately. My parents gave the boys new helmets and Jonah skates, probably in part because of all the pictures of Micah in Kinsey’s old princess helmet. The boys each have a manly helmet that they picked out themselves now, and they really love them! I was actually surprised that Micah didn’t choose a Spiderman helmet, but he was absolutely set on his blue racing stripes.


Jonah was really fearless on skates, and Micah is getting really good balance on his bike — I’m so proud of them both!


I somehow never realized that in a corner of our zoo there’s a little farm with a petting zoo, but of course once we found it we had to spend some time there. The boys couldn’t decide if they loved the goats or were afraid of them, but they were both eventually willing to pet them.


Then Jonah realized the tiny brown balls on the ground were poop and he felt the need to run around the enclosure finding every pile of poop, putting his face right next to it to make sure it was, indeed, poop, and then screaming to everyone “Look! It’s POOP!!!”


They also found some old tractors to climb on…


and of course fought a little over the “better” one. That doesn’t sound very cute but I promise it was. 😛


My sister (@savedbykate) made sweaters for each of the kids, and they turned out amazing! They’re so soft and comfortable, and the kids love wearing them. They weren’t so patient about staying still for pictures in them, but one can only expect so much. 😛


We had a couple of movie nights in there too…


which were definitely Jonah’s favorite. This picture cracks me up!

We also played a ton. Micah is newly obsessed with making planes, and this was his reaction after successfully completing this one. I love this boy so much! We’re talking more about colors and patterns while we play, and both boys are learning so quickly. It can be hard to see my babies grow up, but right now I just feel really proud of them!

I’ve also been working more lately as a substitute teacher, which has been fun. I only do it once or twice a week at most, so the kids don’t mind it nearly as much. I’m also back at the high school a lot, and as much as I miss my old class I really do prefer teaching older kids. It’s weird being away from the kids but I’ve managed to almost exclusively work on my husband’s days off, so the kids just get a Daddy day. It takes a lot of the stress of missing them off me, because I know they’re having fun with Daddy (my babysitter has always been great, but there’s just nothing like being with Daddy).

What have you been up to this week?