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Happy Wednesday!


There are days when I really wish I could wake up without children cutting off circulation to my arms and legs….and then there are mornings that I hope they’ll never get too old to come cuddle me when they wake up in the middle of the night. Hard to care about numb limbs when you wake up to such overwhelming cuteness. 🙂

This is a pretty long video, but the commentary kills me! This was Micah’s first time riding his bike outside so he fell a few times, but overall he did really well. He basically didn’t stop talking the entire time we were outside, and sometimes his train of thought totally cracks me up! Also, please don’t judge the princess helmet lol — he has an actual boy helmet, it was just on order at the time.


I’m liking this new setup for walks, and I’m excited that Jonah is nearly old enough to be out of the stroller too. It’s been a little crazy so I haven’t taken him out yet, but you’ll be seeing pictures of him in new skates soon! I can’t help but be a little sad that my boys aren’t babies anymore, but this is such a fun stage and I’m loving it! As a bonus, keeping them more active instead of in the stroller while I walk can only help their terrible sleeping habits. 🙂


And speaking of growing up — Micah has become my sous chef lol. He loves to crack eggs, stir things, and not surprisingly, get super messy kneading bread dough. I’m hoping being more involved will help him be less of a picky eater, and so far he’s been super obedient about not touching anything hot or sharp so my sanity remains intact.


I’ve said in the past that it’s hard to workout once the boys are up, but if I can find a good workout that doesn’t require equipment they’re starting to participate instead of climbing on me (well mostly). Micah’s form is actually getting really good! Jonah still likes to climb on my back anytime I’m on the floor, but who doesn’t love weighted push-ups?

And of course Jonah is doing his best to imitate Micah. It’s so adorable how much they love each other! Micah was very concerned about mid-workout refueling though, so he didn’t let go of the Cheerios very often. 😛 They may be crazy, but my kiddos keep me smiling like no one else can.

What randomness is going on in your life right now?

Do you like to workout with your kids, or do you prefer that to be “you time”?