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As always, Thursdays are for Thinking out Loud with Amanda!


— My kids aren’t babies anymore. That probably sounds stupid since I’m constantly bragging about their milestones and the cute things they do, but it doesn’t always hit me how grown up they are. While we were in New York I had a couple of moments where it really hit me that they’re barely even toddlers anymore. 15181639_10154190212431733_7160137785548102492_n

For some reason watching them decorate the tree with their cousins was one of those moments. They were interested in the ornaments and what they meant (most are homemade by me or one of my siblings), and Micah in particular was really worried about where each ornament should end up. He wandered around like a little interior designer, making sure the icicles were in bunches instead of being spaced out and directing Jonah where to put everything. They were both cracking me up!


— New York broke my internal thermostat. Completely. After freezing my hiney off in 30-40 degree weather for a week, now I can go outside and walk every morning (40-50 degrees) in a t-shirt, but when I get home I’m freezing, even though the house is around 73 degrees. I’m currently shivering in sweat pants and a hoodie and drinking hot herbal tea, and the thermostat reads 72 degrees. Some days I miss living in a place with real seasons, but since my body has completely lost its mind I’m currently grateful that it’s a bit warmer here than back east.


— The boys love our morning walks almost as much as I do. Even though it’s pretty cold and I always wind up needing to wrap them in blankets despite their layers, they really love being outside and getting an early start. Their only complaint is that we should stop at every park we pass to play for a few hours lol.


— This is what most toddler selfies actually look like — the ones that hit Instagram are pure miracles. Jonah hitting Micah while Micah kicks me in the hiney, and I take the picture just before I lose my balance and fall on my butt. Gotta love it! #lifewithtoddlers


— My kids love to beg me to take pictures of them, and then proceed to move at the speed of the Flash for the next hour. Is it too much to ask for a camera that works at the speed of light? 😛 Also, that smile!! It’s impossible to be sad or angry when he makes this face. 🙂

That’s it for me today! I think I’m coming down with a cold, so I’m heading to bed and hopefully everyone stays asleep until my alarm rings!