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One of the best parts of my day is taking the kids on a walk, especially now that it’s
FINALLY cooling off.  As long as they’re behaving I can relax, and it’s a great way to let go of some of the stress from the rest of the day. It’s also a nice easy workout, walking a few miles with 30 pounds strapped to my back 😛

Of course, it helps that if I go early (or late) enough, Jonah will generally fall asleep on my back, which can make either nap time or bedtime so much smoother! The boys both hate to sleep, so those are almost always the most stressful times of the day for me.

On Thursday we took all three kids to a skating Halloween party for my father-in-law’s school, and they all had a blast!

Jonah was so excited to be on skates for the first time, and he was totally fearless! Micah and Kinsey were always much more cautious on skates, so it totally took me by surprise when he started running across the room, climbing stairs, and falling all over the place like it was no big deal. It was so adorable, I definitely have to get him his own skates for Christmas this year.


They also got to see a lot of their cousins, which was awesome because Kinsey tends to miss out on stuff with them because of how our week’s are scheduled with her mom. Having two houses can be tricky, so I love when timing works out like this. 🙂

Micah would absolutely NOT stay still long enough for a picture, and he even made taking videos a challenge this time. He was a little tired, so it didn’t take long for him to start a rousing game of “run away from mommy and daddy and hide as often as possible”. He started combining that with “try to sneak behind the prize counter and steal as many toys as possible”, which was equally as thrilling for us, so we wound up having to leave a little bit early. It was a little crazy for the adults, but everyone still had a great time and the kids slept great that night!

This was our year to have Kinsey on Halloween, so the kids had a ton of fun trick or treating together. Ir’s a good thing our neighborhood is really kid friendly, because Micah was having some trouble staying out of the street. He was so excited he would forget to listen and just run to whatever house he thought was next, which wasn’t always on the same side of the street. Overall he listened better than I expected though, he just needed a lot of reminding. It was so worth it to see the look on his face as he ran from house to house though! It was his first year not trick or treating from the stroller, so I think it was extra exciting for him. Now I just have to figure out how to get rid of 2 tons of candy without my kids realizing or being sad… 😛

I don’t know if actually having an uneventful shopping trip (no crying, no accidents!) counts as an accomplishment, but it made my day anyway. I don’t like to give the impression that my kids don’t behave, they’re just rambunctious toddlers. That can still make daily tasks (like shopping) really difficult, so it’s a big win when my tired toddler sleeps instead of crying, and my hyper toddler doesn’t grab anything glass off a shelf and pretend it’s a baseball. Plus that smile makes mundane tasks seems a lot more fun!

Overall it was a pretty uneventful week, but I’m grateful for that. It’s great to have a zillion pictures from a dozen fun activities to share, but sometimes it’s nice to take a break and cuddle the kids all day long. I’m a little burned out on being busy, and I think that really helped me decompress.

Now I’m off to workout, and hopefully the boys let me finish. I’ve been trying to pick workouts they can do with me if I don’t get it done before they wake up, and it’s absolutely hilarious to watch them jump around! I get my workout and they don’t feel left out, so it’s been working really well for all of us.

Do you like to take days or weeks to decompress and just play/cuddle with the kiddos?

How do you fit your workouts in when kids are awake?

What did you do for Halloween?