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Linking up with Ilka today!

Life might be pretty crazy, but I’m really proud that my workouts have been really on point the last week! My diet was about 75% awesome and 25% picking chicken nuggets off my kids’ plates (so definitely not as good as my workouts) but I’ve been better so far this week. 🙂 I need to be better about prepping food to make meals in under 5 minutes a possibility, because there are lots of times the kids are crazy and I can’t take my eyes off them for a second, and that’s where I tend to fall down.

For now I’m still working out at home, but last week I really got back to serious weight training and it feels amazing! I’ve been doing a lot of Body Beast workouts because I’m just too tired to think about designing my own plan right now, and they’re working well. When things calm down I’ll go back to creating my own workout programs, but I’m happy with the structure of these workouts so I’m not going to dwell on it.

Monday — Grokker upper body workout (25 minutes); 1.5 mile walk

Tuesday — Body Beast Bulk Chest; 1.3 mile walk

Wednesday — Body Beast Bulk Legs; 1.4 mile walk

Thursday — Body Beast Bulk Arms; 1.6 mile walk

Friday — Rest

Saturday — Rest

Sunday — Body Beast Bulk Back

I didn’t intend to have back to back rest days and I actually missed shoulders last week, but I’m feeling awesome so I’m going to keep pushing forward. I didn’t workout yesterday either, but my diet has been much closer to where I want it to be and I’ll be lifting most days this week anyway. I’m learning to be better at improvising and rolling with it when things get crazy, which helps me stress less about workouts in general. Without the pressure I’ve been putting on myself to be perfect, I’m already feeling better. I’m sleeping better, I’m getting stronger, and my stamina is better as well. I’m going to weigh-in on Halloween, and I’m excited to see what the numbers look like!

A quick sidenote — I like Grokker, but I’ve been considering switching to Beach Body on Demand instead. I like a lot of Beach Body workouts (particularly anything with Shaun T), and I hear it’s only a $4 monthly difference from what I’m already paying.

Has anyone had experience with both, and if so which did you prefer and why? Also, does anyone know of any strings attached to the Beach Body on Demand offer (products you need to buy, contracts, that sort of thing)?