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Even with the boys waking up super early lately, I’m trying to make time to make them a hot breakfast most mornings. Micah has been good about eating eggs and protein pancakes lately, and it makes me really happy that he’s somewhat relaxing his pickiness.


This is a pretty typical breakfast for us – pancakes made from oatmeal, chia seeds, flaxseed, cottage cheese, cinnamon, and eggs. I usually make scrambled eggs on the side, but they usually won’t tolerate the avocado — the joke is on them though, because I cook their eggs in avocado oil. 😛


Lunch this week has generally been leftovers. Yesterday it was chicken fajitas with a little sour cream, and they were good enough that I didn’t even notice the missing tortilla.


Tuna has also been a huge lifesaver for lunch when I don’t have time to cook or the boys are being particularly wild. Costco has really cheap tuna, and the kids love shopping there so I don’t even mind going to pick it up. Seriously, if Fry’s had samples on every corner life would be so much easier! I usually put it over a salad, but plain works when I forget to buy spinach.


I’ve been pretty bad about having my green drink daily too, so I’m trying to turn that around too. I generally get a lot of veggies during the day, but I can’t see a downside to throwing a scoop in a smoothie or a water bottle for an extra boost. Funny enough, if I drink it in the morning I get some of the same boost I used to get from Redline or Rockstar…


Last night the hubby wasn’t hungry so I had to fend for myself for dinner. It was actually a lucky coincidence because he hates mushrooms and I bought a bunch of them, so I got to make a little mini pizza without having to worry about a second option for him. Not that I mind cooking for him (I actually really like it) but sometimes it’s such a pain to cook two different things that I just eat whatever I make for him, even if I wanted something different. I try to make those lunch meals when I can, but this was just a happy coincidence.


This morning I don’t know if a hot breakfast will really happen. I threw some cottage cheese and avocado on spinach and kale and called it good, and with the amount of craziness we have going on today I think the boys might just get oatmeal or peanut butter toast and fruit. Micah woke up early after having a bad dream and crawled into bed with us, and we have to leave early to pick up Kinsey (it’s spring break already@) and hopefully go to the zoo. Hopefully Micah is feeling better by then (he has a little cold), otherwise I’ll probably just take them to the park so he can nap more easily.


I hate when he doesn’t feel good, but I’m always grateful for snuggles. They’re both starting to occasionally refuse hugs because they’re “too big”, so I’ll take whatever snuggles I can get!

I’m off to workout and pack lunches for the zoo!

Do you have anything fun planned today? What activities do you try to do with your kids during spring break?

Did you try any fun new recipes this week?