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Linking up with Arman today!

I can’t even begin to express how sore I am this morning. Watching me struggle walk down the stairs is pretty much comedy gold!


Someone woke up super early this morning, so he decided to be my blogging helper by sitting on my lap and munching on goldfish. 😛 He’s too cute!


This picture pretty much epitomizes my meals the last two weeks — super simple and often stolen by tiny hands lol. My husband gets bored with food pretty easily (#foodieproblems) but I’m happiest and stay on track best when I keep things simple. Probably because there are fewer dishes to wash…


Of course, the meal I’m most proud of was a little more complicated, but I think I’ve cooked this one enough times that I can burn through the prep pretty easily. Chicken Parmesan coated in almond flour (I used this recipe from fatburningman.com) over spaghetti squash with a homemade sauce (also from fatburningman.com) and a simple side salad. The kids and the hubby had regular spaghetti but Micah actually ate real chicken and asked for more so I was pretty happy. Of course, the kids made me pick all the tomato chunks out of their sauce (pretty sure the Italian side of my family felt a huge disturbance in the force when that happened) so next time I’m going to puree it instead of leaving it chunky.

The best part was that I got everything either on the stove or in the oven within 15 minutes or so, and went for a 2 mile walk while it was cooking. The hubby was home to make sure I didn’t burn the house down, but everything timed out pretty perfectly. 🙂


Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes have been a pretty huge staple…


as well as nitrate and sugar free turkey and avocado.


Tuna with avocado over shredded spinach is another staple dinner over here, especially on t-ball nights. I’m not sure if the 6 pm practices are harder on the 3 year olds or the parents!


I’ve also been trying overnight “crockpotting”, and so far I’m pretty happy with it. Makes it easier to get the hubby lunch in the mornings, and I don’t mind leftovers so I can freeze a ton of whatever I made.


I even got creative with a salad made from spiralized broccoli stems and shredded Brussels sprouts because my spinach turned long before I thought it would. I don’t always do this, but using cottage cheese as a kind of dressing actually kinda works and adds protein!


These have also been a huge lifesaver on the go. Like everyone else I’m sure, when I’m stuck in the car for hours at a time I’m much more likely to throw healthy eating out the window and grab a burger and some nuggets for the kids. I found these on sale this week and I’m loving having a super healthy option in the car that the kids love too! If you’re not familiar, Larabars only have 3 or 4 ingredients most times, and they’re all real food ingredients — nuts, dates, and fruit usually. This one is my favorite!

A couple of random videos from this week….

No idea what he was doing, but it lasted 15 minutes and had me absolutely dying the whole time.

What happens when Daddy leaves his shorts around lol.

This was Micah’s first hit in his first game. He’s pretty easily distracted but I still think he’s doing awesome for a kid who just turned 3. I’m so proud of him!


He wanted to catch the ball so badly but no one was hitting it far enough. They practiced catching again last night and he was so excited to actually be using his glove the right way! Such an amazing boy 🙂

That’s all for me today — time to workout and keep decluttering! Today’s focus is laundry, my bedroom, and finishing up the loft. 🙂

Do you basically spring clean all year round?

What are you eating this week?