It’s been about a month and a half since I’ve weighed in, so I was a little nervous about this today. While I was teaching I walked a ton but I had very few actual workouts, and while I usually packed my lunch there were a few days when I had to grab breakfast or lunch on the go and options near the school weren’t exactly stellar. I’m guessing that doubling my daily steps helped keep all that in check because I still made a little bit of progress. 🙂 I increased my step count a ton when I subbed in High School, but Elementary School was just a different level — my feet were constantly sore, even when I wore sneakers!

July 26, 2016                                                        September 13, 2016

Weight — 178 lbs                                              Weight — 176 lbs

Waist — 37 1/4″                                                 Waist — 37″

Hips — 44″                                                          Hips — 44″

Thigh (R) — 21 3/4″                                          Thigh (R) — 21 1/2″

It’s not as much as I was hoping for, but I’m really happy that I still made progress while not always making the best choices. It’s taken a little longer than I wanted to get back in the groove, but I’ve been really on track the past two weeks and I’m really happy about it!

Weekly Workouts

Monday — 4.1 mile walk/jog

Tuesday — 0.34 mile walk (a huge tantrum ended this one early), Insanity Pure Contact

Wednesday — 2.92 mile walk, Grokker full body strength workout

Thursday — 1.77 mile walk

Friday — 1.62 mile walk

Saturday — cleaning, packed more toys for donation (that counts, right? :P)

Sunday — rest

Not as much strength training as I’d normally like, but it’s still way more movement that usual so I’m happy. I’ve already upped the strength workouts this week (seriously, my butt is killing me from lifting legs yesterday), and I’m hoping to keep the walks where they were last week as well. I’ve been a little bit thrown off lately because Jonah has started waking up before 6 am (WHY?!) which has killed a lot of my most productive time, but I’ve just started setting the clock a little earlier this week and getting it done. And now it’s time for chest (and maybe a little arms if I’m feeling up to it) so I’m off to workout!

What goals are you currently working towards?

How are you staying active this week?