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It’s time to link up with Heather for this week’s favorites!

This energy drink


Although things with the kids are starting to level out to where I can sleep a little more, this energy drink is still what’s keeping me from laying on the floor cuddling the boys and watching movies all day. I’m doing my best to wean myself off of it permanently (because energy drinks in general are terrible for you and just filled with crap no one should put in their body, ever), but while I need it this stuff works like a charm! I used to love 5 hour energy, but this works SOOOO much better there aren’t even words to describe it. Here’s to pharmaceutically enhanced productivity! 😛

Our new playroom/loft setup


The lighting is a little off, but the new setup of this room makes me sooo happy! I loved having the trampoline in there, but it just took up too much space — now the room is super open and the kids have tons of room to play! Most of the toys are put away in the top of the boys’ closet (so I can limit the amount of mess), but I’ve been leaving the “trains” bucket, and two miscellaneous buckets (that I really need to sort through anyway) out regularly for now.


The TV is up against my desk now so I can better prevent shenanigans while I’m writing/working, and also so I can’t see it. Especially when I’m tired, which is pretty much always right now, I’m SUPER easily distracted. It’s a little mortifying to realize I spent all the time I’d scheduled for freelance writing projects mindlessly staring at Paw Patrol or Spongebob…

My desk still needs some serious decluttering and reorganizing, but I’m going to call this a win. Next project — hang the 5 clean baskets of laundry sitting next to my bed…

Our library

I know I’ve been saying this a lot, but our library is ridiculously kid friendly and I love it! I used to hate going to the library with the kids because it’s just impossible to keep them quiet enough to avoid glares, but this one is totally different. In addition to the castle, there’s a kitchen, a puppet show stage, an outdoor play area (hopefully we can test that out once it cools off), and random toys everywhere.

I want all the kids to love books as much as I do, and making our visits to the library super fun is actually helping a ton! They’ve also got some great programs for toddlers that I’m hoping to be able to take them to this month, and even some great ones for me — book club, crochet club, writers club….fun for all my nerdy sides!

Online favorites!

Recipes —

There are so many of these I want to try out!

These look so yummy! I’m going to try them out soon, and hopefully they’ll work for an adult snack at Micah’s birthday party (which I need to actually start planning ASAP  lol)

I really want to start making this right away and having it with breakfast every day! It’s a great source of collagen and healthy fats, and everyone I’ve asked that have tried it say it gives them a ton of energy throughout the day. 🙂

Other randomness —

Some days I think I should get rid of or severely limit my social media use….at least until after the election! 😛 Soooo tired of the over the top meanness and hatred, especially when all the candidates stink anyway. My hubby challenged me to limit my social media time, but we’ll see how that works.

Great at-home workout!

This is one of my long-term goals….someday my freezer will look like this!

Have you found anything spectacular on the internet lately? 

Have a great weekend!