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It’s actually been a fairly boring week as far as food is concerned, and while I’m sure my poor hubby is bored I actually prefer it this way.


I made another batch of crockpot potato soup (with grass-fed butter and a little grass-fed beef to increase healthy fat content and make it a little less carby) while we were at church on Sunday, and I have to admit I’ve missed the crockpot a bit. I don’t use it very often anymore, in part because I’ve found it harder to find Wild recipes that don’t include coconut milk. I love it, but the hubby is NOT a fan of coconut.


We found plantains on sale this week, so we had more fried plantains, and I even brought some to my Bunco group and they were a big hit. So glad the hubby decided to cook these for me because I can’t stop eating them!


I even made pancakes out of the leftover plantains, but we ate them so fast I never got a picture…. #bloggerfail


There have also been a lot of simple salads with tuna, cottage cheese, and hard boiled eggs. The boys actually pick from my salads, which makes me happy — they’re learning to be less picky! (FINALLY)


We’ve been trying to conserve money lately because of the expenses of opening the martial arts school, so we decided to cook a mess of lunches and dinners and prepackage them in individual portions. We have two kinds of rice, veggies, and grass-fed beef, and the left is in portion sizes for me and the kids, while the right is packaged for the hubby. This should help me get his lunches set with way less effort every morning, and it gives me something I can microwave for lunch if the kids are being crazy. I’ve also packaged some leftovers of the potato soup, which is nice for some variety. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hopefully when money is a little more abundant I can buy a deep freeze and keep a lot more prepared meals in there!


I used one of my sets earlier this week — I just microwaved it and added some avocado for some extra fat. I’m still having a lot of sugar/carb cravings, so I’m really upping the fat this week. I know the plantains don’t help and I need to curb the rice/potatoes also (at least for a little while) if I’m going to get rid of the cravings, I just got a little out of control with how flipping yummy the plantains are! They’re obviously SUPER carby though, because my sugar cravings are a tad ridiculous since I had them.


This was my favorite breakfast so far this week though — the hubby spoiled me and made us all eggs with some veggies and avocado. The boys were a little weirded out by the color, but they ate a bunch of it which made me really happy. ๐Ÿ™‚ Baby steps!

What have you been eating this week?

What meal prep strategies do you use to stay on track?