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Ironically, I don’t feel like I have a ton of random things to talk about today, but we’re linking up with Amanda anyway!

Most of my focus is on potty training two kids at once (spoiler alert — don’t do it unless you have to!). Seriously, is there anyone else doing this, because I could really use some advice. The boys are constantly fighting over the toilet (we have three, but they always HAVE to use the same one of course) or the urinals (same thing — there are two but they’ll fight to the death for whichever one the other is already using). I try to take them to the bathroom separately but Jonah always follows Micah to watch, and Micah always follows Jonah just to push him off the toilet. Two accidents at the same time can also seriously put a damper in a good day — and it can take forever to clean up.

I could probably get away with delaying Jonah’s potty training, but he’s really interested right now and the idea of being done with diapers (at least for a while) is just too much to pass up. I’m also hoping that Jonah catching on will finally help Micah push through his inability to poop on the toilet — fingers crossed! But seriously, any advice would be welcome. 🙂

I think the main frustration for me right now is how up and down the boys are with each other lately. Jonah will see Micah cry and go over uninvited to hug and comfort him, and then two seconds later smash him in the face with a train. Everyone tells me it’s a boy thing, but it makes me really crazy, and I’m worried they’re going to really hurt each other one of these days. Of course, the pediatrician says it’s normal, and now that Jonah is big enough to defend himself I can let them sort things out themselves (within reason), but it kind of takes away from the peaceful times during the day. I know they love each other, but I want them to be friends too.

Of course despite my constant worrying, they don’t generally hold grudges against each other and most mornings I find that they’ve crawled out of bed and are cuddling on the floor together, so something is going right. 🙂 It’s a little crazy to me how different it is between girls and boys — I never had any of these issues with Kinsey, not even when Micah was born! I don’t think me or any of my sisters smashed each other in the face with toys on a regular basis either, but I could just be blocking that out. 😛

Overall, life is crazy, but life is good. At least it’s not boring, right?

What’s something random that’s been going on or that you’ve been thinking about this week?