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That’s a lot of W’s lol…

Things have been a little crazy this week so a lot of my workouts have been cardio, mostly jogging. I generally prefer strength training to cardio because it’s more effective and not as hard on your body, but when the boys get up super early and I don’t have time to workout, throwing them in the jogging stroller is sometimes my only option. As long as my diet is on point and I’m being active, I try to be really flexible with my workouts right now.

Monday — walk 1.8 miles

Tuesday — walk/jog 1.2 miles

Wednesday — rest

Thursday — Insanity Cardio Power and Resistance

Friday — rest

Saturday — walk 2.5 miles/swim

Sunday — rest

I want to get that up to working out 5-6 days a week, but for a pretty crazy week it wasn’t bad! There was also a lot of crawling around with kids on my back, cleaning up around the house, and tons of laundry — hauling tons of laundry around the house burns more calories than you think, especially when you wind up doing it for a few hours straight.

This week’s weigh-in!

July 19, 2016                                                         July 26, 2016

Weight — 178 lbs                                              Weight — 178 lbs

Waist — 37 1/2″                                                 Waist — 37 1/4″

Hips — 43 3/4″                                                   Hips — 44″

Thigh (R) — 22″                                                 Thigh (R) — 21 3/4″

I’m not sure what’s going on in my hips, but it’s exciting to see the rest of my inches going down. My diet wasn’t perfect this week so I was a little worried, but it increasing my activity level seems to have made up for my splurges.

I’m trying to save my starchy carbs for days I have harder workouts, and make easier days lower carb. I just have to be careful not to go too low on carbs because I’ve had some issues with adrenal fatigue, and going too low on carbs can really mess with adrenal function. We’re doing a ton of meal prep today to make eating healthy much easier, and I’m trying to use the crockpot more again so I don’t have to watch the stove as much during the day. More on that in my next post though!

Are you progressing towards your goals?

What are you doing to help make success easier for you?