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Linking up with Meghan for Week in Review!

On Thursday some ladies from church offered a class on being more green, and while I really wasn’t super excited about it, I wound up learning so much! This is my first batch of homemade kefir (she even gave us kefir grains so we didn’t have to order them!), and even though it looks like a weird shepherd or something it came out pretty good. Took a minute to get used to non-store-bought kefir (I don’t the I ever realized how much sugar must be added to the store-bought version to make it taste the way it does!), but it’s not that bad. I’m going to try second fermenting my next batch and see if that helps me drink it without putting it in a smoothie. Super cheap to make, and my stomach can always use the help!


Most of the weekend was uneventful. Kinsey was on vacation with her mom, so the boys and I got a lot of alone time together. Micah is getting better about trying new foods without a huge fight, and Jonah will wolf down nearly anything when he’s hungry enough. I’ll get them off their pizza/nugget/bread obsession yet!


One of the highlights of the weekend was a pool party at my neighbor’s house. It’s so nice to make new friends, and having them live 5 doors down is just a bonus 🙂 I’m pretty sure I’ve complained about a thousand times that Jonah completely freaks out anytime water is anywhere near him, but after the pool party he doesn’t really cry in the bath anymore! I wish I’d gotten pictures (but cameras + my kids + water is just a recipe for needing a new camera), but after an initial “I’m wet!!” freak out, Jonah seriously loved the water! I don’t know where that came from, but I’m so glad. It’s hard to spend any time outside in the summer here if you can’t get at least a little bit wet, and bath time isn’t headache inducing anymore as long as he can chew on his bath toys lol (until I wash his hair anyway – baby steps!).


After a pretty relaxed weekend, the boys and I got to hit the movies again this morning. Only two more weeks left in the summer movie series, and I’m going to miss our little Monday morning dates! I’ve been trying to stick closer to my diet but munching on movie theater popcorn has been a hard habit to kick….so I snuck leftovers into the theater and had green beans, water chestnuts, steak, broccoli, and potatoes while watching  Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. I still had a handful or two of popcorn, but not half a bag and I didn’t feel super cruddy afterwards!


The boys still had plenty of popcorn and lemonade though. This poor stroller has had so much popcorn ground into it in the last month that I’m pretty sure I’ll never get the smell out!


I was able to go on a nearly 2 mile walk with a friend last night, so dinner was pretty simple. I threw together some taco salads with grass-fed beef and mashed avocado, and even my “not-loving avocado” hubby really enjoyed it! If it wasn’t for him I’d be a super boring cook lol, I could do this sort of meat/salad every day but he’s a foodie so he gets bored with repetition. He’s still really patient with my learning curve when it comes to paleo cooking, which makes life a lot easier. Maybe someday I’ll get skills and be on Chopped or something, but for now taco salads will have to do!

Did you start any new projects this weekend?

Is there anything you’d like to accomplish before summer ends/school starts?