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I have to admit, today’s title is a little facetious. The hubby had to leave a little early this morning to drop Kinsey off at choir camp, but we had some fun plans for the rest of the day. The boys and I were going to join Kinsey for a pizza party and movie after camp ended, and then my father-in-law had some extra tickets to the circus so we were going to take the kiddos. Instead…


About ten minutes after the hubby dropped her off, Kinsey threw up. Luckily, her grandma was there, so she had someone with her until we could turn around and grab her, but you can see the poor thing felt awful. She threw up again in the car on the way home, at which point we cancelled all our plans, got a few Redbox movies, and spread blankets and pillows all over the loft for a movie day. After a shower, she kept down some vegetable soup and Sprite, which was the first sign that she was feeling a little better. Thankfully, after that she steadily improved, but we made sure she relaxed and didn’t go crazy with food anyway. Crazy girl wanted to practice gymnastics and eat mac & cheese and candy, and couldn’t understand why I made her take it easy. 😛 She’s too cute!

After dinner (grilled cheese and crackers for her), she was playing with the boys, smiling, and just seemed back to her old self. So thankful! She’s been going to camp for two weeks and her ending performance is this weekend, so she would have been devastated if she was too sick to perform. Now I just have to hope that no one else caught her bug…

In other news, potty training has been going pretty well, but Micah will NOT poop on the toilet. He wears pull-ups at bedtime and when we’re going to be out of the house for a long time, but its big boy underpants whenever we’re at home and awake. He hasn’t wet his underpants in 4 days, and I’m really proud of him! But he saves the poop for the minute I put a pull-up on him, and it’s so frustrating! I don’t know how else to encourage him, but I’m trying to relax and give it time. At least he’s loving his new urinal though — he’s obsessed with trying to make the little tongue spin!

It’s just crazy how fast all my kiddos are growing up! Kinsey is reading so well, and she’s gotten so adult-like in the last year, Micah is starting preschool (at home) and learning really quickly, and Jonah is getting so much better at talking and communicating! The best part is, they’re really learning how to play and have fun together, and all the kids are old enough to really participate. Even though it’s crazy, I feel like we’ve hit a really nice groove right now, with all of the kids getting more responsible and obedient and with our days finally having kind of a regular schedule to them. I’ve had a newborn around for so long with the two boys being so close in age that I’d kind of forgotten how much better days are when they have real structure to them. I joke with my husband that I really want one more kiddo (Kinsey needs a sister!), but right now I’m really happy with how our family is.

Maybe I’ll revisit that thought AFTER Jonah is potty trained, because having two kids in diapers at the same time is a killer. Diapers are expensive and they go through so many I could never leave the house without at least ten — even now I always have to carry a gigantic mom purse lol. Actually, the more I think about it, it’s hard to imagine a time when I won’t have to cart around a double stroller and a week’s worth of stuff with me every time I leave the house…but as much as I miss the cuddly baby stage, it’s amazing to watch them grow up and develop their own adorable personalities. It must be late because I’m getting all sappy lol, so I’m going to cut myself off for the evening.

Any fun plans for the weekend?